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Cape Codder!

To me, nothing says summer like Cape Cod.  No matter where we lived in the U.S., I knew my summer would involve spending some quality time at Nauset Beach or Namskaket.  My parents would pile us kids into the station wagon with my Dad’s fishing boat towed from behind and head out to Cape Cod.  It was such a magical moment to cross over the Sagamore Bridge and know that you were just a little bit closer to jumping down sand dunes, eating salt water taffy and fishing for blues.

Until I was in my twenties, going to the Cape meant renting a cottage and I personally thought that was half the fun.  Exploring a new house–and all of the unique nooks and crannies special to that house and that summer added so much flavor to each year.  Adopting a special mug from the Moffett house (like the Lady Di one I drank hot chocolate out of every evening) or playing with the bakelite Tiddlywinks at the Chachevadzis house-it all adds up to a collective memory of Cape Cod summers that will stay with me for the rest of my life.

Although I’m more than 3,000 miles away from the fried clam strips and horseshoe crabs of Cape Cod, I thought I would find a few bits  out there that remind me of my favorite moments of childhood summer.  I hope one day I can take the Peach to my favorite old haunts on Cape Cod. Until then, I will have to just look for that summery nautical feeling  in other ways, like in this little round up of Cape Cod-inspired clothes found on Etsy. So, on with the show!

This  jaunty outfit seemed perfect for a day picking out candy from the Penny candy store in P-Town. Clam diggers and stripes ahoy!

Of course this linen dressie with simple yet so sweet embroidery is perfect for summer time.  Couldn’t you just see a little girl wearing it to a nice fancy dinner out with her parents? Perhaps Captain Linnell’s?

And a boy could easily wear this to the Captain’s as well.  Who wouldn’t enjoy a salty little tie like this?

You can take a litte bit of Cape Cod’s nautical theme back to the nursery with these great alphabetical prints. A is for anchor!

What would Cape Cod be without a good lobster? Or lobster t-shirt–like this sweet one.

Let’s just go the distance with the nautical theme. Ahoy matey indeed!  Couldn’t you just see this worn by a little ring bearer at a beach wedding? Kinda awesome, eh?

But what would a little Cape Cod round up be without a tot beach hat included. And this red one is so sweet and yummy.

You know I love upcycling of t-shirts. And this button cute blue and white t-shirt dress would have been perfect to toss over a little swimsuit to go out for ice cream after a day at the beach.

Maybe next year, I’ll get out there with the Peach and my sweetie and introduce her to my childhood. I hope she likes clam chowder!