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Modern Kiddo Chit Chat: An Interview with Rachel from the Small Craft Online Class.

Hurray! I’m super dee duper excited about this first ever online crafting class geared towards making fun stuff for kiddos. It comes to us from everyone’s favorite crafty bloggers, Miss Elsie from A Beautiful Mess and Miss Rachel from Smile and Wave.

The online craft class is called Small Craft and yes, I’ve already signed up and I hope you will too. Because it is going to be oodles and poodles and schnoodles of fun. Yes. THAT. MUCH. FUN. And how could it not be with Elsie and Rachel at the helm? Exactly!

And because by the end of the class you’ll be able to make something as button cute as THIS:

Or, oh-my–word: THIS!

Oh, the delights that await us in the class. There are quite a few amazing projects that the lovely ladies have labored long and hard to share with us. And I’m so glad they did.  Including:  a Mid-Century Modern Fort, cool necktie patterns, a traveling puppet theater, DIY lunchbox, monster bibs, storybook plushies, upcycled dress up chest, and a ton of other cool crafty treats.

So, let’s get to chatting with Rachel, one sassy half of the dynamic duo behind Small Craft. We met for an e-cup of chai at that great online coffee house around the corner—and here’s what the charming and talented Rachel had to say!

DOTTIE: First off, thanks so much for taking time out of your very very busy schedule, Rachel. I just have a few questions, but I’m dyin’ to know–what inspired you lovely ladies to create this online craft class?

RACHEL: Elsie and I have been teaching handmade craft classes for two years now and really wanted our Fall class to feel fresh so we created a class with a kiddo theme that catered to those who want to encourage creativity and stimulate the imaginations of the little ones in their life.  I have two kids and Elsie has two nieces that are getting a lot of fun presents for Christmas this year!

DOTTIE:  What lucky kiddos to have such a craftastic mama and auntie!  I have to admit as a craft junkie, there are sooo many good crafts out there—do you have a favorite?

RACHEL: My favorite kinds of crafts are those that involve ordinary or unexpected materials that have been put together in a new way.  One of the crafts we’re sharing involves building a fort out of PVC pipe and joiners and uses a drop cloth that can be painted, embroidered on, or decorated with fabric.  Both items came from a hardware shop but the end effect is something both versatile in it’s composition and neutral enough to be customized.  Sebastian has been taking ours apart and using the PVC pipe to create his own structures.  I love that he’s having fun and learning about engineering, too!

DOTTIE: Sweet! I think hardware stores of totally craftapaloozas too.  And what a cutie that Sebastion is.  Say, both you and Elsie have very glamorous and full lives–when do you guys find the time to craft?

RACHEL: Crafting is a part of both of our jobs as well as something we love to do so it’s scheduled into our daily or weekly routines just like any other work related task.  However, crafting for personal gratification is a high priority.

DOTTIE: Amen, sister!

RACHEL: We usually feel refreshed and excited after spending a little time making something just for fun and think it helps us stay balanced as individuals.  I’ve been known to let the laundry suffer in order to finish a quilt but most creative women I’ve talked to about the balance of housework and crafting time admit to their own piles.  Free time is rare but instead of plopping on the couch and watching T.V. I like to spend it focused on a new project.  If I didn’t find it so fulfilling I wouldn’t make it a priority.  And my house would be sparkling!

DOTTIE: And quilting is so much more fun than laundry.   I think I would be willing to give up Grey’s Anatomy to finish my quilt. You are my inspiration.  By the way, one of the reasons I am super excited about the class is that you are doing it with your gal pal, Elsie.  Just like me and Alix.  You two clearly have a lot of fun together—any behind the scenes stories you can tell us about creating this class?

RACHEL: We got together one afternoon at Elsie’s new store to shoot our video tutorials and promo video. During one of my tutorials the girls left the building to get coffee next door so I could shoot in silence.  They locked me in so no one would wander in to check things out but there are huge windows spanning about 100 feet across the front of the store and a lot of foot traffic outside.  At one point during my shoot there was a man with his hands and face pressed up against the glass just staring at me.  It was all I could do not to look at him and have to start my tutorial over.  Then I had a fly that kept landing on the art journal I was trying to share.   I would naturally swat at it and have to start over every time.  I’m sure Jeremy, Elsie’s boyfriend, was amused during the editing process when he heard the words that came out of my mouth after the fourth take!

DOTTIE:  Hee hee!!! Pesky flies! I hope to see more outtakes! That sounds like a hoot! But I must wrap this interview up–any last words, Rachel?

RACHEL: We are so thankful to get to work together and have been enjoying the company of Elsie’s sister, Emma, who just moved back to open her cupcake shop inside the new Red Velvet Art store.  This means most business meetings also involve cupcake recipes that she’s testing which also means our next class should be a workout video.  Ha!

DOTTIE:  Tee hee! I’ll sign up for that class too!

Thanks Rachel for doing the interview and just being awesome!

I’m particularly excited about this class because you don’t have to be a wunderkind crafter to join. You just have to be willing to take a leap onto the craft boat and enjoy! No sewing machine–no problem, there are still tons of great crafts to try out for the beginner crafter.

Sign up fast for the last few spots!