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2-4-6-8, Donna Wilson's really great!

Hello pals! So today I have something a little bit different. It’s not really a children’s brand, per se, but I think after you take one look at British designer Donna Wilson‘s fantastical creations you’ll agree they will appeal to kiddos of all ages. I know I fell head over heels! Donna began her career creating an amazing wonderland of stitched and knitted monsters that celebrated fun and quirky characteristics: some have extra long legs or extra big heads, some have two heads, some are grumpy or shy and all are not what they seem. She has also branched out to produce groovy pillows, cozy blankets, felted doilies, pom pom rugs and crazily charming kitchenware. Trust me. You’re gonna love these!

How cute is that little orange slice “barrette” on the little plate?? I love how all of these items would be equally at home in a cool couple’s flat or a sweet kid’s room. And wait til you see Donna herself. She is as cute as her designs are whimsical! Take a gander at this little sunshine gal:

When asked to talk a little bit about her work, Donna had this to say!

“When people ask me what I do I always say I make weird knitted creatures with two heads and angry faces, I love the reaction I get!! Most people look a bit confused and some just think I’m mad. My work is playful, tactile and bright, inspired by the everyday oddities and deformities of life. I like to think of each of my creations as a character in my very own wonderland…where everything is made of soft wool, trees are knitted and instead of growing leaves, pom poms sprout out, strange knitted creatures eat cup cakes and doughnuts sprinkled with stitching.”

So what do you think? Pretty fun stuff huh.
Get yer mitts on Donna’s goodies (ermm, that doesn’t sound quite right…) at these stores in the US:
the future perfect (new york)
Eden&Eden (san francisco)
Eli-phant (portland)
For international stores, check out Donna Wilson’s site here.

images from Donna Wilson.com