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Holidazed: Cool Gifts for Kids–Green Toys Inc.

Well, it’s that time of year again… The year where we are constantly hustling to find the right gift to garner the most hugs and kisses from little ones. So, here at Modern Kiddo, we are going to spend the next month coming up with cool toys for all the girls & boys.  We promise to offer you different, fun gifties for different, fun ages and at different, fun price that we think no little kiddo would mind finding under the Christmas tree or Hanukkah bush.

We’ll start it off a great product that I’ve personally fallen in love with for the Peach.  I was determined to find a tea set for the Peach but almost all of the ones I found were from China and I didn’t want my little girlie to be sucking on the equivalent of a lead pipe. Insert the wonderful tea set I found from SF-based company Green Toys Inc.  And of course this was just the tip of the iceberg.  All of their products are BPA-free and made from safe recycled milk jugs. And bonus: the stuff is totally fun too!

I love this tool set!  It makes me want to build something right now!

These jumpropes are the perfect stocking stuffer.

The Peach is going through a firetruck/garbage truck phase right now, so these trucks would be perfect for her.

Oh, and I think these boats would be a welcome addition to any kiddo’s bathtime.

And the price point for these green goodies is pretty decent–$25-30, so not a bank breaker and you get a high quality eco-friendly toy! Go Green Toys, Inc!