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World’s Cutest Retro Bathing Suits: Pink Chicken

Now that we’ve had a couple of days of sunshine, I can’t help but think about getting to the beach with the Peach!  And how could I not when  Pink Chicken is offering such wonderful swimsuits and dresses as these.  Pink Chicken was started three years ago by mom of two, Stacey Fraser, a 15-year fashion veteran who started her sassy girl’s line out off her garage.  Gotta love her pep  for that alone!

But you gotta love her girls’ swimsuits even more!

Don’t you just love the little girl’s tummy? And three cheers for bringing back the old Esther Williams swim cap!

If that wasn’t enough Pink Chicken also sells the most darling diaper covers that are pure stink-town and will happily do as a swim-suit for the diaper wearing set. You can just imagine the little sandy bottom toddling towards you.

Oh–then, I innocently stumbled into the Pink Chicken sale section and just found some  insanely cute dresses and tunics and of course I fell in love with the skirts and knit tops too…  But really, how could you not?

I must admit, this is making me so excited about summer and trips to the beach! Aren’t you excited too?