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Koo Koo for Cuckoonest!

You thought New Zealand couldn’t get any more awesome after the hobbit invasion?

HAH! Hardly! Let me introduce you to Cuckoonest.

What is Cuckoonest, you ask?

Well,  Cuckoonest is the creation of Kim Edwards, a gal who I have never met, but I think we must have a lot in common.

– A love of felt. Check.

– Perfectionist nature. Check and check!

– And a good sense of humor. Checkety check CHECK!

According to Internet lore, Ms. Edwards “spends many hours creating a range of beautiful, handcrafted play and decor items. After her first child was born, Kim began sewing with the help of her sister, and 10 years later they have it down to a fine art. The whimsical world of Cuckoonest brings delight to both young and young at heart, with a collection of items which is sure to be treasured by all who own them.”

You may know her for her wonderous deer heads, yes?

But I fell in love with her for her cuckoo clocks. Really, what is not to love?

And then I bow down to her for her little Red Riding Hood felt house. Oh my!

Sadly, I can’t find her hand crafted goodies Stateside, but oh you lucky Brits. You can find her goodies (when they are not sold out…) at Peanut and Pip, or in Australia at Lark Handmade.

But until I find you, I will enjoy you online, Kim.  Sigh.