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Change of Seasons. Change of Wardrobe.

This weekend, I plan to officially move the Peach’s winter outfits out her dresser and closet and into storage. I’m sure everyone Back East is already packing up their winter clothes to make room for the pretty pastels and short pants of summer. But before we pack up all of our winter wear, I’d love to hear what clothes got you through the winter with your little one.

For me, it was a gift from my friend Dana of five little fleece jumpers in fun solid colors that the Peach wore pretty much every day.

Best thing about  these little jumpers—they  cost 99 cents each from the local 99 cent store.

I also bought two fleece jumpers from the Gap on sale for $5.00 each. Paired with leggings and a long sleeved onesie, well, that was the Peach this winter.

So much for super fancy, but I think the Peach rocks them anyway! Now I’m ready for her to show off her Target Liberty of London haul in a big way this summer.

What got you through your winter? What was your kiddo clothing savior? An extra jolly pair of boots?  The  snuggliest legwarmers you hand knit yourself? That great pink gear furry snowsuit from L.L. Bean?

And what are you excited about dressing your little ones in now that it is warmer weather? We’d love to share your clothing cleverness with everyone!

MODERN KIDDO TIP: Cuteness can be found anywhere, you just have to keep your eyes peeled! Who would have imagined the 99 cent store would yield such awesomeness?