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Happy B-Day Wolfie and Hats for Boys!

Today is a super duper ultra special hot diggity dog day at Modern Kiddo! It’s our favorite boy, Wolfie’s birthday! It is his sweetest (actually, it’s his “golden”—thanks Marla!) birthday, which means Wolfie has turned six today on April 6th.  Happy happy birthday,  sweetheart boy. May today be full of all the things you love—Pikachu, salty pretzels, Tuxie and many kisses from your Mama!  Whobody love Wolfie? We all do!

As part of our week long salute to our favorite mop-top, Wolfie, we are celebrating boys boys boys! And all the great fashion out there for them.  So this week is going to be chockablock with fab finds for dapper little men because they deserve fashion shout outs just as much as any sweetly dressed girl.

One of the questions we get quite a bit at the ole Modern Kiddo HQ is, “Where can I get a cute hat for my little boy?”  And today, my friends, we have searched every nook and cranny of the Internet to find some of the snazziest, coolest hats out there for your little one.  Although it would be a shame to cover our boy Wolfie’s hair with a hat, they are so many great hat options out there for beyond the classic baseball cap.

Here are some of our favorites!

First, I must give props to local hat maker, the Goorin Brothers who have been covering the heads of San Francisco men since 1895.  Fourth generation hat maker Ben Goorin continues the legacy of hat making and design taking riffs off of the skateboard and snowboard community, including this very delicious line of hats for boys, including the Bogie (above) and the Zack.

Modern Kiddo favorite, Fore! by Axel and Hudson has some of the spiffiest and most colorful hats on the market today.  I applaud them  for this great line of hats! Well done, gents!

Brilliantly named Knucklehead Clothing has a great line of hats. I love love love this houndstooth fedora worn with more style than most gents I know!

And the panache that this little peanut is wearing his knucklhead brown cap is just too koot for words!

Check out the Grady fedora from Knucklehead.With matching coat no less.  Makes me almost wish for cooler climes. Almost.

And FYI–expect a very special ringlet headed Weekly Kiddo this friday… Stay tuned!