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Dottie’s Kraft Korner :: The Peach’s Upcycled Sweater.

I used to be a knitter. A hard core uber knitter who would drool over yarn and patterns and spend hours knitting dear sweaters for friends’ babies. But right around when I had my own little baby, my RSI kicked in hard core and ended my once fruitful knitting career.

So, I’ve been supplementing her knitted wardrobe with vintage sweaters I buy from Etsy or Ebay. And a few very dear friends even gave me the sweaters I knit for their children for the Peach. But I still have the desire to have my little cutie wear something cozy made my me.  Each time I read Knitty Kitty nearly sends me into a knitting frenzy and a goal to make a sweater for my Peach. But why not spare my arms so grief and try upcycling an old sweater into a new one for the Peach thanks to some Etsy inspiration?

A year ago at an estate sale I bought a lovely plain JCrew cashmere sweater (size small) that was what I like to call the perfect pink–somewhere between ballet pink and champagne pink and oh so cozy and soft and yummy.  That beloved color looks like death on me, but grand on the Peach, so I thought it would perfect for my upcycling sweater project.

With the help of a friend, I cut apart the sweater and used this pattern from New Conceptions and four hours later had a lovely little pink sweater tipped with brown velvet for the Peach.

I must admit I relied a lot more on my friend’s confident sewing than my own–the sweater fabric was very stretchy and I was such a nervous nelly about cutting and making mistakes when really–there was no need.  It’s just a sweater! It cost me $2.50!  That is less than what I spend on white muslin.  I’ve always said the best thing for sewing is a fearless attitude.

And I’m very happy with the final result.

And the Peach loves it.

“Cozy” she said, which is kinda her word for when she is very happy with the way something makes her feel. I couldn’t agree more, little girl.

Oh and that Cinderella plastic thing off to the side was a “gift” from the X ray technician that Miss Peach met yesterday for her yearly dye test review for her recurring UTI, which involves a catheter and some serious grief for the Peach.  The X ray technician had cancer of the eye as a little boy and was so struck by his own experiences under X ray machines that he decided to make it his career on helping little kids get through their X rays.  What a great guy! And the Peach loves it, of course!

Have you ever upcycled sweaters? What was your experience?