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Freakin’ for Batikin’ with Hiho for Kids

I remember batik from my middle school art class.

I think it involved wax and color and a lot of mess. And some weird pattern that involved a whole lot of tie dye and looked very very home-ec gone so very very wrong.

Later in my life and a trip to Fiji changed my perspective on batik and now whenever I see it, I think of the South Pacific and beautiful intricate fabric that has a lovely island feel.  But I wouldn’t have immediately thought kid’s clothing until I saw Hiho Batiks and their amazing line of kids clothes featuring modern and fun batik patterns on t-shirts, onesies and girls dresses.

Andy Warhol and her own childhood were the merged inspiration for Hiho founder,  Julia Silver Gordon to start her batik empire.   Julia started almost 15 years ago with a single boutique in Boulder, Colorado that catered primarily to the music business, as she created one-of-a-kind designs for mega rockers such as Widespread Panic, Carlos Santana and Ween.

I love these great t-shirts for boys. So colorful and wearable too.

And the onesies really are killer!

I particularly love the girly heart shirt. And clearly it has the presidential stamp of approval.

But I really dig the little dresses made of comfy t-shirt fabric. Yum!

And get a load of this–Hiho Batik also does kid’s parties, which is almost as cool as the rented bouncy house, but wow! what a different and great craft for a party.