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Real Life: The Peach's Winter Wardrobe.

Well, it’s official.

I’ve finally run out of shower gifts to clothe the Peach. And her wardrobe is hurting.  Admittedly, I think it is due much more to the cooler weather we’ve been having in San Francisco. Like the coolest in four decades. So, The Peach has pretty much spent this summer in long-sleeved onesies and pants/leggings. And dresses that she has outgrown that have pretty much turned into tunics.  Talk about getting my money’s worth out of those cute little dresses…  Or some vintage HealthTex vests that is too big, but eh–she’ll grow into it.

But of course being the crafty lady that I am, I want to make everything.  I was thinking corduroy rompers–using the same pattern that I used to make this little pinafore.  And matching it with sassy, heavier leggings like those from Kawaii Kids.

My daycare provider would prefer me to go beyond the this silhouette.  Please note that my daycare provider is actually even more obsessed with children’s fashion than I am, which is kinda one of the reasons I adore her. AND she sews. And makes home-made crackers and fresh squeezed orange juice for her little ones too.

And she’s also helping potty train the Peach, which means that the Peach’s winter wardrobe should also include some very easy to pull-down pants that Little Miss Peach can pull down in a hurry. A bit on the baggier side–probably staying away from my beloved leggings. Sniff! No to overalls, no to one piece outfits, no to skirts. So what’s a gal to do?

Any suggestions, mamas and daddios? What do you plan on dressing your little one in this Fall and Winter? And any brands of clothing that got you through potty training. And fashion fails? I want to hear from you!