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Etsy Faves Heidi & Finn

As you know, I’m very committed to making the Peach’s clothes for Fall. I think sewing little dresses will help quell my fear of sewing bigger dresses for moi.   There are so many grand patterns out there for the wee ones, but I found some particularly delicious patterns that from my newest obsession, Etsy shop, Heidi & Finn. And I think you’ll like them too!

For example, I’m going to make this pinafore top for the Peach–like four of ’em!  That pleated pocket detail is just darling!

And next summer, I’m making four of these great tops out of linen for the Peach, so she won’t burn up. Sigh…the Peach is so pale.  We call her the mushroom baby–she lives away from the sun!

Oh and then there is this ruffle jumper–such a nice twist on the standard one.

Speaking of nice twists on standard style,  this great pant pattern with a cool pleat detail fits that bill too. I’m sensing a great theme here…

Oh, and the coats. The yummy wearable coats.

I am head over heels with the wearability of this wrap yoga sweater.

Now I must admit that I’m always impressed when I see cool patterns for boys clothing.  And Heidi & Finn doesn’t disappoint on this front.  Like this slim fit military style shirt for boys. And this great unisex hoodie is adorable.  Just change the button and fabric choices and you got a sweet outfit for your boy to boot.

But here are the top three reasons why I’m so bananas for this brand:

  1. They are available as PDFs, so talk about instant gratification! You can make one of the patterns tonight if you wanted to.
  2. A lot of these patterns use knits, which is so great for that cozy factor we love for kid’s clothing, plus easy wash and wear.
  3. These patterns have two special magic words on them that make my heart flutter just reading them: “EASY. SEW”.

Not a seamstress? Not a problem! They also have an Etsy shop of finished items from their collection. Including this little gem which is so much fun and perfect for parties–wearable cozy yet effortlessly charming/borderline fancy.

So, I’m off to purchase the 4 patterns for $21 special they are running right now!