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Kiddo Rooms: Ada's Cozy Cabin Nursery

When our lovely reader Amanda initially wrote to me, it was about the beautiful letter press birth announcements she makes. And then she casually mentions, “Oh and I thought you might like to see my baby girl’s bedroom in our loft. We built her a mini cabin!” Um…..you built your daughter a mini cabin in your loft?? HECK YEAH I wanna see this! And I figured YOU would want to see it too. Look at this totally unique—and supremely charming—little space!

The little miss who lives here is wee Ada Grey, who is a grand 4 months old. She and her parents live in Providence, Rhode Island where her papa is a decorative concrete worker and her mama is an artist. We chatted with mama Amanda to find out more about this innovative bedroom! I’ve always thought lofts were funky and cool, but “cozy” is not really a word I often associate with them. Well this room is cozy and then some! The cabin concept is such a great way to add texture and also make the space feel like it’s own little hideaway. Amanda tells us that they used reclaimed wood for the outside of the cabin from a local mill. How cool is that? Let’s take a look inside!

Isn’t it the sweetest? I think it’s such a fun mix of funky, arty and retro.

I asked Amanda to tell us a bit about the cool things in this room: “The adorable red cat puppet on the top shelf (that looks like it was taken off the set of Mr. Rogers) was made specially for Ada by an old dear friend, Xander Marro. Along those lines, the two beautiful silkscreens were made by  Brian Chippendale (top) and Jungil Hong (on the bottom) and given as presents when Ada was born!”  Speaking of Ada….here is the little miss herself!

What a doll! The cutey red beastie protecting Ava was a Providence Art Sale find from etsy artist millie & hazel.

The colors in this room are really great too. The gray and pink walls are really distinctive and I love the stylish wall paper, which was an Anthropologie find:

Amanda tells us a lot of the vintage pieces in the room were thrift store or garage sale finds: “The changing table is actually an old bureau I bought from one of my mom’s bridge friends for $15 and we swapped out the drawer pulls with cute ceramic butterfly painted pulls. Oh, and the silkscreen to the right of the wallpaper is also Jungil Hong.”

I love that hot pink diaper pail too….hey, who says you look like #1 even when you #2. hyuck hyuck. (Sorry Huggies.) I think this artful space is so unique. As I mentioned earlier, Ada’s mom Amanda is an artist and her work is lovely. You can see more at her design studio website, Color Quarry. Amanda also makes really cool, customized letter press birth announcements—she’ll even create custom art work for them, which is so special. Find more details at her Etsy shop.

Thank you so much Amanda for sharing this amazing little space with us!