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Alix’s Great Summer Adventure: Part 1

This summer was huge. Like “Three Weeks, Three States” huge. You may recall that I made the big decision to quit my job and take a summer sabbatical to refresh, recharge and spend time with my family. (Read about it here.) Just so you don’t think I live this glamorous-non-workin- life of galavanting cross country for weeks on end, let me explain! It’s not always like this. For the past 7 years I have worked my little booty off…every vacation we have taken I have had work looming over me. I check my email. I work on script edits. I take quickie calls. It kinda sucked. This was officially the first time I have been on a vacation and had NO STRESS & NO WORK hanging over my head. HEAVEN! We decided we wanted to visit both my parents and greg’s parents this summer and thus, the Grandparents Tour 2011 began! First stop? Myrtle Beach, South Carolina!

This is George and Silver, Greg’s parents. They’re great! I feel fortunate that I have very cool in-laws. We all get along so well and I love visiting them. They can’t fly, so we don’t get to see them as much as we would like to, but we try to make sure that Wolfie see’s them once a year. He had a really terrific time!

Myrtle Beach is a fun destination. Lots of miniature golf, beaches and a fun boardwalk. It was hot as blazes while we were there, though, which was awesome and awful all at the same time. Awesome, because it was great to have a full on HOT SUMMER….but really sticky and sweaty and we really couldn’t hang out outside for very long. I’m also a wimp in the heat.

On one of our first days Greg, Wolfie and I piled into the car to head to the Boardwalk. Along the way I discovered soooooo many gorgeous old hotels with cool signs. I was DYING to have a full on photo shoot out there….except I was a sweaty mess. Also, I had Greg and Wolfie hollerin’ “C’mon shutterbug!! Let’s get going!! It’s HOT out here!!”

This one was so beachie cool….

The boardwalk itself was so colorful and fun. We ducked into a couple of air conditioned arcades to play games and cool off. This one had loads of vintage games and Wolfie loooooved this baseball one.

We hit some of the rides too….check out how red Wolfie’s cheeks are!

These little cars and motorcycles were among my favorite as a little girl. I’m sure it was because most of them are glitter sparkle dune buggies and bikes—who wouldn’t want to cruise around in a flashy ride like that?

Because of the heat, I had the brilliant idea to get a twisty cone. As I ordered it the woman looked at me kinda funny…

She handed me the cone and said, “You know this is gonna melt, right?” I thought to myself, “Well duh, it’s ice cream.” I took the cone and girrrrrl, I didn’t take but one lick and the whole damn thing melted down my arm. It was THAT HOT. I’m not even joking…it was dribbling every where. I suddenly realized NO ONE was eating ice cream. Total newbie move. By now I was literally sticky and hot as bejeebus. We decided it was time to head home.

Where we immediately jumped in the pool! Ahhhhh……so refreshing.

So that’s Part 1. I have a little more of Myrtle Beach to share before we move on to Michigan! I have a few links to share later, but I really wasn’t online much so it’s a shorter list than usual! Have an awesome weekend friends…