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Aw yeah! Meet the New Yorker.

I’m heading on vacation friends….first to Myrtle Beach and then to Michigan to my parents lake house. Right now I’m in Myrtle Beach with limited internet access (kind of awesome!). Then we will head on to Jackson, Michigan….where I will be driving around, in THIS:

Aw yeah! Imagine a little Sly and the Family Stone playing right about now…and now visualize me rollin’ down the street, kickin’ back in the plush comfort of this 1977 classic. Friends, this is beauty is my Uncle Max’s car…. a mint condition, baby blue Chrysler New Yorker. What’s that? Does it have creamy white leather interior? Oh funny you should ask, why YES IT DOES! This is the ultimate ride. It’s luxurious. It’s pimptastic. It’s regal. It’s gigantic. And it’s now sitting in my parents driveway. Can ya dig it…. oh I think you can.

This is a Car with a Captial “C”. It sneers at Jettas, chuckles at Hondas and eats a wee Prius for breakfast every day. (I won’t tell you what it says to PT Cruisers because this is a PG show I’m runnin’ here people…) My aunt took amazing care of the New Yorker once my uncle passed away. Even back in the day this car was exceptionally rad. And really it just keeps getting cooler.

I think I was supposed to take it to prom back in the day but for some reason that never happened. That would have been amazing. If only I could schlepp this sucka back to Cali…

Stay tuned for a Myrtle Beach update and when we get to Michigan, I’ll send you some Instagram love from inside the big baby blue beast!!