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Buckle Up, Buttercup : Cool Belt Buckles

What is it about a cool belt buckle on a guy?

Well, times that by infinity for a cool belt buckle on a little guy!

Erica Gordon of Steel Toe Studios in Seattle has created some of the coolest belt buckle for kids ever thanks to her background in sculptural and architectural blacksmithing, as well as her foundation in silversmithing.  She uses using locally sourced recycled steel and other metals to up her awesomeness even more.

And then there is the actual product which is so stinky cute, I might need to leave the room for a moment. Check out this insanely cute monkey belt buckle.

Or the fishy one nicely modeled here.

And a ladybug, people. A LADY BUG. Cute for boys or girls!

But here is the real kicker–the price. Fifteen clams. That’s it for all of this handcrafted beauty. Buy Olympia (which is where I got all of these dandy photos) stocks the buckles as well as an adult-size monkeybelt buckle and actual belts. Bookmark that page for Father’s (or Mother’s) day prezzies!