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Oh La La: Ola & Olek

I love a good redhead.

I would have been drinking henna milkshakes if I thought it would have helped the Peach turn a bit more into a strawberry.

So, you understand why I fell in love with Ola & Olek, the particularly delicious line of children’s clothing from London designer, Eliza Lopatowska. You are sucked in by the stunning red hed kiddo models, but stay because the clothing is just divine. With a wink and a nod towards vintage, Eliza manages to combined all of the comfort of today’s kid’s clothes dashed with pretty pretty accents that would not be strangers in your mother’s closet as a child.

Like a pretty peter pan collar.

A sweet bit of detail on a pocket or two–perfect for putting something special in.

A ruffle here. A ruffle there.

Even the t-shirts are something special.

As Eliza notes on her Website:

My line is for the parents with very individual tastes in design who are looking for designer children’s clothing with a unique charm and appeal. Every line consists of both tailored and casual pieces. The tailored pieces demonstrate timelessness, simplicity and clean cuts. This is coupled with the use of specific materials in a beautiful nostalgic palette that are often surprising for children’s clothing. The final outcome is quality design pieces with definite ‘pass-it-on’ potential. The casual pieces consist of quality kids pieces with creative and quirky applications.

Too true, Eliza!

All of these goodies can be found in select stores in Europe, Asia and Australia.  Clearly they need a US distributor. Any takers? PLEASE!

Yay for Ola & Olek!