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It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a…super kiddo!

What is it about super heroes? Is it the magic powers? The ability to fly? The xray vision? Maybe. My theory, however, is that it allll comes down to the outfits. When I was a little girl I loved Wonder Woman—she was brave, strong, smart and had an invisible plane. But let’s be honest, it was the OUTFIT that was the best. Red go-go boots! A magic tiara! Those cool bullet-deflecting bracelets and golden magic lasso! I loved it all. But I think we all can agree that the quintessential piece of superhero gear is THE CAPE. There are tons of fun capes out there, but here is a selection of some we especially like.

This first lot is from Baby Pop—I really love their masks too! Super charming….

And how about this ROCK-N-ROLL superstar??

Images: Baby Pop

I’m really digging the understated “Clark Kent-ness” of the Superhero monogram shirt:

Images: Charlie and Sarah

Ya know, superheroes don’t have to be all about bad-assery. I found some really fab “indie capes” that have a softer look. Just look at this adorable little birdy cape!

And you can even get a little wee cape for your favorite lil dolly or cuddle bear—kind of awesome, no?

Image: Mousey Me

While we’re looking at unconventional capes, how amazing is this lil mod wonder?? It’s soooo the little sidekick of Orla Kiely (“By the power of the almighty elusive Target Pear Cannister!”). LOVE it!

Image: NikertyNoo

A word of caution, though. You don’t want to veer too far from the classic look or your budding superhero will end up looking like a reject from the David Copperfield Magic Academy! There are some classic visual cues that say “superhero” and sometimes I think it’s totally a-ok to reach for the lightning bolts and stars!

Images: Super Kid Capes

This last set comes to us from Little Hero Capes. The capes are all made of a thick satiny material (lined with a contrast color!) and look tres chic. My favorite thing about them, however, is their incredible Donate a Cape Project. When you purchase a “Courage Cape” they will send it to the Discovery Arts Program which will give it to a child who is undergoing treatment for cancer and other serious blood disorders. Now that’s my idea of a true superhero.

Images: Little Hero Capes

Every little kiddo has a superhero inside them, and they don’t necessarily need a cape to shine…..but you have to admit it’s so much more fun with a cape whippin’ behind you as you race around with your friends!

And don’t forget, when push comes to shove….you can always use a towel. (Hippie Beads and shades not required….)

Image: john.d.mcdonald