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Vintage Kiddo: The Force is Strong With This One.

You may not know this about me. But I love Star Wars. The original 1977 film is one of my all time favorite movies and while many may quibble about the special effects not being up to parr and the acting a tad stilted I say, “When 900 years old you reach, look as good, you will not!”

So in honor of Dottie embarking on her COMIC CON Odessey this week, I thought it would be great to take a little trip down memory lane at the cultural phenomenon that was STAR WARS. I don’t care WHO you were, if you grew up in the 70s your life was touched by Star Wars. If you weren’t obsessed with it, then your brother or best friend was. It was a pretty magical time, my friends. Let us begin.

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…….

…..there were movie theaters that only showed ONE film. Popcorn, coke and a box of milkduds cost less then $10 and movies often only played at two times. Scandal!

image: aroid

Every self respecting kiddo of the 70s had a Star Wars tee and wore it with PRIDE!

image: jessenoonan

This next little feller was heading off to his first day of kindergarten. Big Apple Name Tag, nap time mat, Super Friends Lunch Box…..and his best Star Wars Tee. I love this photo so much, it reminds me of my younger brother Karl—a die hard Star Wars fan.

image: benjamin oderwald

One of the best things about Star Wars toys is that there are soo many photos of a little boy just BUSTIN’ with pride over his latest score:

image: kid ampersand

Oooh this boy had THEE ULTIMATE. The coveted Boba Fett. Boba Fett wasn’t even really in the first movie, but if you collected enough UPC codes from the Star Wars action figures you could send away to the Kenner toy company to receive your FREE Boba Fett Bounty Hunter! No one really knew who the hell he was at that time, but we HAD TO HAVE HIM!! This is the biggun, the 12 incher….not the freebie. You can see how psyched this little guy is:

image: timothy smith

Please note the Incredible Hulk Latch Hook Rug dealie resting casually on the back of the couch of this next one. Grrrrrr!

image: jedi jaybird

It was CLEARLY an excellent holiday at this kid’s house. He got the AT-AT walker from Empire Strikes Back, and his sister scored the Barbie Townhouse. I sooo had that as a little girl—that damn thing wobbled like crazy but how sweet is the elevator?

image: wampa-one

Speaking of kid sisters, they always wanted to get in on the fun too:

image: tom simpson

Image: aaron_73

image: superbomba

How cute is little Leia?? I guess that makes a great segue to COSTUMES. Star Wars costumes became extremely popular—many of them homemade.

image: phil dillon

“Aren’t you a little short for a storm trooper??” hyuck hyuck.  I really love the Mod Lord Vader jumpsuit.

Awwww no wonder Patches is so sad. His buddies got Star Wars coolness while his parents dress him up as a psychotic clown. Wahh Waaaah. Although to be fair the little ewok looks like the love child of  Kenny Rogers and Big Foot…

image: corelliancaptain

STYLIN’!!!!! (and you *know* I’m not talking about that sassy little storm trooper…..hold up. Does Gladys have a SPINNING WHEEL in the left corner over there??? Oh Mah Gawd…..)

image: Two Twumbo Twetzels

The art of Star Wars (as seen through the eyes of a kiddo) was also amazing:

image: r a e d e k e

Now you *know* that awesome Old Spice guy modelled himself after Lando. “Well hello ladies….!”

image: scad92

While most fans were little boys, little girls definitely got in on the Star Wars action too:


“Walk softly and carry a big laser blaster….”

image: Amy/Teruterubouzu

image: Lorena Haldeman

(yeah, the bike is rad. And don’t you fret….a banana seat bike post is totally in the hopper for Vintage Kiddo….)

I think it goes without saying that anybody who was anybody had a Star Wars themed birthday party.

We begin with the awesome Steven. I love that his parents made this sign! Although I gotta say, that little clown on the left is sort of ruinin’ Steven’s jedi mojo.

image: Sam Howzit His mom made extra rad R2D2 name tag for all the kids too. See ’em here.

Mmmmm. Chocolate Vader. Made with Extra Dark Side chocolate….

image: michael rose

Alas, I think Dan’s mom needs a few lessons from the lady up above. She gets an “A” for “artful fork display” and bonus points for two packs of Pop Rocks!

image: dishfunctional

image: igpago

Aaron has the best vintage Star Wars pictures on this Flickr Stream. This was apparently at McDonalds (note the soft serve sundaes). Boba Fett cake? Rockin’…..

image: aaron_73

Look how cute and happy this little guy is. And that cake looks might tasty too….

image: Trent Walton

Not sure what’s more impressive….the sculptural R2D2 or those snazzy Mork from Ork suspenders??

image: Cole Henley

This next one takes the, er, cake. Or rather his mom took the cake….to the damn photostudio. What what what?? Amazing.

image: chilly casey

The finally, the ultimate: having a tricked out Star Wars Bedroom. Many a child lulled themselves to sleep murmuring, “These are not the droids you are looking for…..” cuddled up under these amazing sheets:

image: jesse lockwood

This photo had the best caption. “Darth Vader’s light saber in my eye….but E.T. warming my heart.”

image: gthorn77

image: aaron_73

Sweet dreams little Jedi….

P.S. There is a really amazing Flickr group called Growing Up Star Wars: 1977-1985. You really should check it out—and add your own photos if you have any!

P.P.S  Dottie will be tweeting her way through Comic Con, so be sure to add her to your twitter feed! @missdottie! She’s going there for business, but it’s sure to be PURE GEEKTASTIC pleasure!