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What did you read this summer?

Soooooo I can’t lie. I love pop novels and I have recently been obsessed with Regency Romances (thank the lawd for my Kindle so no one can see the cheesy romance covers!). Julia Quinn is my favorite…and I could write a whole post about how her stories are such fun escapism. But I recently gave my romance love the boot and picked up The Hunger Games,by Suzanne Collins. I had heard the buzz but really didn’t have any clue what it was all about. My friend Doe shoved a copy of this futuristic tale in my hand an said, “Oh you HAVE to read.” I brought it with me on vacation and I was HOOKED.  I devoured the entire action-packed trilogy in a week….have you read it? It’s a Young Adult book, but extremely engaging. What did you think? Katniss is an excellent heroine and I thought the story was very clever. My mom is the one who got me hooked on futuristic/sci-fi movies and gave me my first Ray Bradbury novel….I had a feeling she would love this series and she started reading it while I was in Michigan. She was hooked too! We can’t wait for the movie. Crossing my fingers it’s as awesome as the books!