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Real Life: Pssst! Alix is in Prague!

Greetings from Prague!!! Friends, this City is quite gorgeous, I can’t even tell you. For those of you who don’t know, I actually have a day job. I’m a workin’ mama writer/associate creative director at a schmancy advertising agency in San Francisco. My job is very creative and interesting, but also lots of hard work. This trip is an example of the glammy side of my work. We are here shooting five TV spots/web films for a client with a rather phenomenal director team. I love what I do and it’s a totally fascinating process, but we do work like crazy! Being in Prague has made for a bizarro trip….the moment I landed we were thrust into work mode with long meetings, brain stormings and castings. The home office back in California isn’t really mindful of the 9 hour time difference we have, so we have been working well into the midnight hours at times. We work work work, then pause for a break and look up and are met with the most spectacular scenery. It’s incredible.

The other fab thing about a work trip is the hotel….we always stay at really lovely places. This trip we are at the Mandarin Oriental. The hotel used to be a monastery and has all these wonky corridors and each room is slightly different. My room is a tad smaller than my co-workers but has two glorious big windows— I love to open them up and just listen to the city. Last Sunday I heard the peeling of church bells and it was pretty darn cool. This is the little alley view from my room:

Here’s our “mobile office”. We sit outside every morning for several hours with pots of coffee and work. I think the hotel staff things we are kind of crazy.

Every day we’ve managed to find a little time to wander the city….

I love seeing all the cool kiddos here. I’ve been trying to snap some photos for you (without freaking out the parents of course….). I’m hoping to do a fun kiddo-centric post next week! I love this “Children Crossing” sign. Check out the huge bow on that little girl’s head! So goooood.

As much as I’m loving my time here, it’s always hard to be away from my guys. We have done some video chats and I email them daily (Wolfie already has placed an order for a marionette! They are very popular here and I’ve been scouting the shops to find the perfect one….). Evening is when I miss them the most. I love our bed time rituals—story time and lots of cuddling. Hug are greatly missed. Like I told you, I like to end every night looking at pictures of my guys. It’s not the same as being with them, but it makes me feel a little more connected to home. Since it’s midnight here in Prague, I’m going to continue my ritual….

Ahhhh, I feel better already. Dobrý večer my friends! More updates to come! And big kisses to Miss Dottie for holdin’ down the fort while I’m away on my crazy adventure!!