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Five Business Travel Tips for Women.

“Home is where I hang my wig.” – Dolly Parton

You have to admit, Dolly was on to something. You can spend a lot of your time traveling, but you must be as comfortable and happy as you can be wherever you are–be it one night or one month. As you’ve read on this blog Alix and I do more than our fair share of travel for work. And play.

When traveling always try to bring a bit of home with us. Whether it is watching videos of your kiddo before you go to bed or making sure to pack your house slippers for additional comfort, every little bit pays off.

I just got back from another little work trip. This time it was to L.A. for the annual Electronic Entertainment Expo (or E3 as it is often called) where video game makers come out and give other people in the industry a sneak peek at all the goodies our kiddos will want this holiday season.  The L.A. Convention Center is completely over taken by booth babes, storm troopers, salespeople and super video game fans.

Needless to say it is a lot of fun and a lot of work. The days started at 6:00AM and always seemed to end somewhere south of 1:00AM. Sadly there wasn’t much time to cram in any fun little outings since L.A. has too many tempting things to do, but it IS work.

However here are some of my little tips to make business travel or any travel where you know you’ll be slammed perhaps a bit easier. They may not make you less homesick, but they’ll hopefully save you a bit of grief on the road.

1.) Carry your phone charger in your purse:

Image via: Nathanborror.

Phones today (I’m looking at you iPhone…) seem to have such short battery lives.  I’ve had many a friend whose phone has died right when they needed it for directions to dinner, sending them into the local 7-11 instead. If you see a plug during the day, plug that little phone in and let it get some extra juice. One friend of mine dropped her phone off at the concierge of the hotel where she was having lunch so he could recharge her phone. And the concierge did receive a nice tip.

2.) Pack a nail file:

Image via: CollectorOne.

Because you will break a nail. And you will be driven insane by its raggedness which will catch on everything. And who wants to run out and buy one.  Of course you can use the unglazed bottom of that coffee mug they leave in your hotel room to file it down, but really just stick a nail file in your dob kit.

3.) Pack your vitamins (and zinc)

Image via: Aithom2

Business travel wears you down.  And airplanes are wonderful stews of recycled air.  I had a friend who also came down with a cold after any business travel longer than two days until she started using Zicam every day. Best change she ever made. And the last thing you want to do is come home bearing the gift of a cold knocking you and possibly your loved ones out when you return.

4.) Nylons are your friend

Image via: Bluemerle

I know. I know. Who wears nylons, right? Well, if you are on your feet all day in pretty shoes or super comfortable shoes or even flat shoes, they are going to rub. Nylons, tights or socks provide that necessary layer to stop the friction of your skin against leather or whatever man-made material is lining your shoe. I remember wearing the exact same shoes as my friend did but wore nylons when both of us were working a convention booth.  I ended my shift with no aching feet whereas my friend’s feet looked like they went through a battle and she had to go home and soak them. Heck, I’ve even been known to rock compression knee highs, but let me tell ya, they kinda rule when you’ve been on your feet all day. Trust me.

5.) Never say no to that glass of water

Image via: April-mo.

Anywhere, anytime. All of that air conditioning in airports, hotel rooms and convention centers can really dehydrate the heck out of you.  And you are so busy and out of your normal routine that you can easily forget to get your eight daily glasses of water.

And bonus tip: just check your bag!

Image via: Creative Criminals.

I know. Crazy, right? I don’t care if my roll-on could fit in the above compartment–I hate carrying around all that additional baggage before I get on the plane. Going to the bathroom with that rolling box of doom is such a big pain in the kiester. And maneuvering it through Hudson News so you can pick up that People magazine is so annoying. Also, I don’t want to roll right out of the airport and into a cab. I’m fine taking my time when I get off the plane, visiting the ladies room and checking my make-up. And if you need to bring a bigger bag, you can. I think it is completely OK to over-pack a bit. Better to have the options and wear an outfit that you feel fabulous in than be stuck with something that you just don’t want to wear.

So, those are my top tips—what are your travel survival tips?