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Semi-Homemade Valentines= Everybody Happy.

I love pretty, homemade valentines. Wolfie, however, wanted to impress the kids at school with some ALL ACTION Bakugan blinkie hologram valentines. For those who don’t have kiddo’s old enough to experience the glory that is Bakugan, let’s just say they are in the “crazy Japanese anime” cartoon world and are one of the hot “it” show & toy combos. Basically, everything I DON’T want in a Valentine. Therein lay the dilemma. On the one hand, the prefab valentines are soooo not cute. Or even remotely pretty. On the other hand, when you are a 6 year boy , “pretty” and “cute” are definitely not top priorities when trying to make a statement. What to do, what to do?? Do I force my desire for glittery handmade goodness on my boy? Or do I let him be independent and pick his own Valentines?? We compromised and did a little bit of both! I’m pleased to report that while they were pretty darn simple….. they were both bad ass AND pretty!

We took double sided tape and glued the little Bakuagan hologram Valentine in the center of a pretty heart-shaped paper doilie. Then we glued the doilie on to to a square of construction paper. We picked black because we thought it would show off the heart the best. Then Wolfie used a gold crayon to write his name (and his classmates). We also made those rockin’ lollipops I showed you guys on Friday. And when I say “we” I mean “me”.

Awww, here’s my boy bringing mama flowers! So sweet….he did complain they were reeeeeally heavy. “A little help over here!” [fyi, he’s wearing his Michigan snow boots even though it’s totally sunny out]

Wolfie’s classroom made these cool little paper backpacks as a Valentine’s carrier:

The valentines fit in the top of the yellow part. I thought it was pretty clever!

We had a lovely day. I made Wolfie heart shaped waffles and was silly and cut his PB&J into a heart shape—annnnnd of course he didn’t eat it. Ah well. Wolfie got to be the Person of the Day for his first grade (which was super cute….it meant he got to lead the class to lunch and to the playground and got to check the class thermometer etc etc).

I was thrilled to discover that my Mini Heartlette Crown arrived just in time (it’s sooooo fab I love it). Greg and I actually went to a real-life grown up movie (WOW! no talking animals!). We saw The King’s Speech and it was really amazing. Colin Firth is fab and Jeffrey Rush was utterly brilliant. I still couldn’t escape kid’s movies, though, because I kept whispering things like, “Hey Greg, is that Dumbledore??” and “Look! It’s totally Peter Pettigrew as Churchill!” and “How funny that Helena Bonham Carter was playing Bellatrix LeStrange at the same time as she did this!” We are a Potter family for sure.

I hope you had a special day…lotsa love from us to you.