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Did you ever drink out of a jelly juice glass?

When I was a little girl, I remember going over to my Grandma’s house and fighting with my cousins over the little glass that had an image of a Tom & Jerry on it.  It was only later that I realized that it was a jelly juice jar once I read the words Welch’s Jelly on the bottom.

I think everyone has a memory of a jelly glass.  And it is great because you can still find them in thrift stores for a few dollars. Although of course some are a bit more expensive.

Jars specifically used for jelly have been around since the 1600s, but when jellies and jams were sold in grocery stores, the jars were the perfect size for little hands and were often reused for glasses.

Sometimes they just had designs and interesting shapes.

And some of the jars the images on them that were pretty cool too, like this cactus jelly jar.

Then in the fifties, companies started to put pretty yet neutral designs on their juice jars knowing they were being used again in households. Who wouldn’t want to buy a few extra jars of jelly to round out their collection?

And for your hobo style kitchen decor…

But it was Welch’s jelly company that really rocked it out, starting in 1953 with jelly jars featuring some of the most popular cartoon characters around.  Every few years they would launch another collection.  Like these below…

Could we talk about the awesomeness of Miss Piggy here…

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So, did you ever have one of these jars as a kiddo? Or as an adult? Do you collect them? What is or was your favorite?