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Vintage Style // The Fabulous Sunglasses Hat

 photo Sunglasshat_HAT.jpg

 photo Sunglasshat_1a.jpg

The year was 1954 and THIS HAT appeared on the scene. No longer would a girl have to choose between people watching or shielding her face from the sun. This chic and quirky hat came with whimsical built-in sunglasses. What’s not to ADORE! Now, normally when I do vintage posts like these, I love to give you guys a little history…but to be honest, I don’t know much about this hat. I know it was from the 1950s-60s. And that most were made in Italy. I also know that this hat is AWESOME. I mean have you ever?? The hat was intended to be worn two ways: perched on your head or tilted down so the faux sunglasses were around your eyes.

 photo Sunglasshat_2a.jpg

 photo Sunglasshat_A.jpg

At the first Tiki Oasis I went to, I spied THE HAT and was obsessed. I finally bought one for myself a few years ago and around that time my friend Doe bought one too. We giggled as we put them on. So fun! Then another friend bought one. And then another. Dottie was on the hunt and she scored one too! Before you know it, we were a “sunglasses hat” girl gang! At the last Tiki Oasis we all brought our fancy funky hats and had a laugh at all the many different styles!

 photo Sunglasshat_B.jpg

 photo Sunglasshat_Dames.jpg

They can run a little pricey ($50-100+), but if you keep your eyes open you can find them on eBay and Etsy. Here are a few of the other styles:

This one got a little tiki makeover with a sweet rattan fringe on top! The “glasses” are extra large too. Yes!

 photo HATS2a.jpg

How about this kooky version—complete with eyebrows!! My friend Karen owns it and it’s hilarious and awesome:

 photo Sunglasshat_6-1.jpg

 photo Sunglasshat_0a.jpg

 photo Sunglasshat_0.jpg

They even made a version for kiddos—Wolfie has the cutie one on the right:

 photo Sunglasshat_8.jpg

If you can’t track one down never fear! Kate Spade (who we all know loves the vintage looks) came out with their own version—with red or black “shades”. I have it in red and it’ SUPER cute!

 photo Sunglasshat_9a.jpg

So whaddya think? Is this crazy cool hat “you”?? Would you buy one? Do you already have one??

 photo Sunglasshat_7-1.jpg