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Meet Kenzington. Our Weekly Kiddo!

I’m so excited to share this week’s Kiddo with you guys. We always try to offer up a range of styles—sometimes more vintage inspired, sometimes a little more indie, sometimes more basics etc etc.  I think our sweet girlie this week offers up a really fun and unique style…to me it’s a little bit of an Indie Bohemian. Oooooh, I’ve piqued yer interest now, haven’t I?? Well just you wait folks. Meet Kenzington! You may recognize her a Kenzie from the awesome blog Kenziepoo. She is the sweet daughter of blogger extraordinaire, Rachelle Wilde. Rachelle is passionate about design and one of my favorite features she does is “Turn this Room Into an Outfit“. Such a cool idea. But back to baby. Little Kenzie’s style is pretty adorable! And as hip and “on trend” as these little duds are, she still looks like a darling little girl. I’m a BIG fan of this, people. Kids should look like kids! OK, on with the show. Meet the magnificent, KENZIE!

I love how the sweet little silver ballerina slippers and amazing leggings make this look hip, while the little dressie keeps her totally sweet! Big props to Kenzie for wearing adorable head gear. Wolfie was such a stubborn kid and refused to wear hats—even as a baby.
+ Studio Dress,  My Rocking Wardrobe
+ Ivy Designs Headscarf
+ Apple Knee Patch Leggings, My Rocking Wardrobe
+ Silver metallic ballet shoes, Gap

Ahhhhh, how cute is this?? I love Paul Frank. And I’m in love with My Rocking Wardrobe, by the way…..a new discovery for me.

+ Headscarf by Ivy Designs
+ Sweet Deer Dress, My Rocking Wardrobe
+ Rainboots by Small Paul, Paul Frank

This out fit is crazy cute. The Panda with the Hat tee is the best. Also, check out the teensy Toms shoes.

+ Panda Hat Tee, Mini Rodini
+ Itch Skinny Jeans
+ Polka Headband
+ Tiny Toms shoes

Oh those apple leggings. Love love love this. And check out those baby blues on Kenzie…
+ Headscarf by Ivy Designs
+ Rosebud Crochet Shawl from My Rocking Wardrobe
+ Apple Leggings from My Rocking Wardrobe
+ White Cardigan from My Rocking Wardrobe

Well hello mysterious girl!

+ Fanny Liberty Top by La Fee Clochette
+ Jeans are Frankie Skinny Jeans by Sudo
+ Black mask by Atsuyo et Akiko

Oh this is one of my favorites. She’s like a little boho princess….super cute.

+ Heart Cell Shirt by Nonchalant mom
+ Ribbon necklace by Atsuyo et Akiko
+ Jeans are Frankie Skinny Jeans by Sudo
+ Feather band by Wovenplay (an awesome sustainable brand)

Soooo cute, right? OK, next up:

+ Studio Dress from My Rocking Wardrobe
+ Ivy Designs Headscarf
+ Leggings from My Rocking Wardrobe
+ Silver ballet shoes (peeking out!),  Gap

And finally…..TA DA!

LOVE this little look as well. Go Kenzie!

+ Shirin Kids Summer Dream Tank
+ Jeans are Frankie Skinny Jeans by Sudo
+ Headband by Ivy Designs

I just love her sweet little smile and rosey cheeks. What a cherub this girl is! So her mama tells us that Kenzie is full of joy! She loves talking, eating, making faces and, of course,  playing with her Mommy and Daddy.

Kenzie loves story time and her favorite books are: A Child’s Day, An Alphabet of Play, and ABC3D by Marion Bataille. Her favorite toys (at the moment!) are her stuffed animals. She and her family just got back from Disney World recently so her Disney character stuffed animals are in high rotation. She is obsessed with “Gooby”(AKA: Goofy), and “Dondald” (AKA Donald) as she affectionately calls them. Rachelle says, “I just recently bought Kenzie a little kitchen for her playroom and she will play with it for hours. She loves to make her Daddy & Mommy delicious fake food!!” When asked what her favorite treat or food is, Rachelle told us, “Kenzie is currently obsessed with cereal. IShe is always asking Momma for “More cereal please!” I think she would eat it all day if I would let her!” I love a good bowl of cereal myself, so I think you have excellent taste little lady! Thank you Rachelle for sharing this totally adorable little girlie with us! Be sure to pop by Kenziepoo for more of Kenzington and loads of design/style inspiration!