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Real Life :: The Peach’s Nightmares.

Oh lord. Baby nightmares. Man, those night terrors are killing me.

The Peach will all of sudden start calling for Mama around 2:00AM.  When I get to her crib, I realize she’s actually asleep, just wiggling in her crib.  I pat her widdle bottom and shhhhh her back to happy dreams.

But recently she woke up crying crying crying, “Mama! Mama! Light ON!!! Da Bunees falling DOWN!!! And PEACHIE FALL DOWN TOO!!!

Who are these bunnies that are terrorizing my child’s sleep? These evil twins of DOOM.

Here they are in all of the nightmarish glee:

The Bunny Twins was actually my book growing up. I remember loving it. It’s actually just as cute an innocent as it looks. Bunny brother and sister having a blast.

Everything goes swimmingly for the bunny siblings, Fluffy and Flipper until Flipper decides to take his sister on a little wagon ride…

Of course chaos ensues from Flipper going too damn fast. Who does he think he is? Mario Andretti of the rabbit set? BAD FLIPPER!  And Fluffy falls out and cries a cry of deep soulful pathos and pain.

But by the next page they are off and hopping away to play blindman’s bluff!

And yet, that one page is enough to send my little one into a fit of nightmare agony.

What is up with that?

And it’s killing me sleepwise. Oof!

Has anyone else’s little one experience them? What did you do?