This Guy. The Best Little Tooth Pillow Ever.

So far, Wolfie has lost about…hmmm, 5 or 6 teeth now? The first one he lost while we were walking around on Fisherman’s Wharf. We were in a bustling chatchke shop and he triumphantly held it up. “Mama! Mama! My toof!” I squealed in delight….grabbed it, and promptly dropped it. And it was gone. I was crawling around on my hands and knees but no luck. Wahh! Wolfie was awesomely indifferent about it. I was devastated. We ended up drawing a picture of a tooth and leaving that under his pillow with hopes for a visit from the Tooth Fairy. Luckily for me, the Tooth Fairy is a smaht lady, and she came through!

I have to admit, we don’t really have a good system for leaving the toothies behind. I usually try and scare up some lil envelope somewhere. Which was why I was SO THRILLED to discover Toothy! In a word, this little dude rocks!

Toothy is a sweet and quirky lil plushy with a snazzy pair of trousers that have a fun little front pocket—the perfect place for keeping teeth safe while you wait for the Tooth Fairy to arrive. There is also a larger handy back pocket, where you can store the sweet little story book he comes with. Toothy is super cuddly and well made. He’s already become a favorite fixture on the bedtime cuddle circuit!

We have the plaid version but the talented Maranatha of Etsy shop Tao and Me makes them in all kinds of fabric—even slightly sweeter versions in floral or gingham. The shop is updated constantly with different colors/styles.

We looooove our Toothy and I think he’d be a swell gift for any little boy or girl. You can get your own Toothy right here.

Do you have your own special system for loose teeth? And WHAT is the going rate for teeth anyway? We usually do $1 but then he got a $2 bill once….and I think we even did $3 for a particularly tricky front tooth. Are we totally low-ballin’ it or are we being extravagant? I remember getting a quarter for a tooth!

13 thoughts on “This Guy. The Best Little Tooth Pillow Ever.

  1. Added this etsy shop to my favorites instantly. We’re still waiting to get all our teeth to come in over in these parts, but I think a toothy would make a great addition even if it will be some time before we actually use it. What a cute idea. Keep me posted on the going rate too… I envision using things like dollar coins and two dollar bills, something little but quirky and interesting that perhaps only the tooth fairy could find 😉

  2. Girl Toothy is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen! That totally beats the old envelope route.

    As a girl I completely believed in the Tooth Fairy because she always came through and was actually heartbroken when I found them in a little envelope in my mother’s jewelry box.

    What is the going rate per tooth these days? a buck a tooth? I remember it being around a quarter per tooth when I was a kid…

  3. I have bought two and love them both. They are well made and perfect for little hands to hold. The story is great also. I wish I had these when my boys were young.

  4. apparently we WAY over pay for the teeth. he’s been getting $5. and one time the tooth fairy forgot to come and she must have felt very guilty because he got $10 that time!!

    i LOVE the pillow. we have a small one that we use but jonas’ says it’s too girly (it’s made of lace).
    this would be perfect.

  5. that pillow is fantastic!

    we haven’t lost any teeth over here yet, but it’s bound to start anytime. god help me, because that squicks me out.

    i have a couple of these standing by for the kids, but have neglected to figure out how i want to celebrate this. not sure if i want to go the money route, small gifts, or something like a keepsake.

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