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Time for a Coffee Break // Keurig Giveaway CLOSED

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Friends….have you missed me?? I’ve sure missed you! Dottie and I are have been busy as can be, but we’ve had a Modern Kiddo Summit and are getting ready to come back better than ever. But in the mean time we have a little special something for ya.

Can we talk about coffee? Ahhh. I just love it. It’s how I start my day…and it’s how I give myself a little pick me up in the afternoon.  I love a classic cuppa joe with a splash of cream. I love iced coffee. And I admit, I do love a lil flavored coffee every now and then. The only problem in our house? I’m the only coffee drinker! So rather than brew up a giant pot all for my lonesome, I tend to shell out way too much cashola at the cafe. What’s a coffee loving girl to do? Enter….Keurig!

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When the kind folks at Keurig offered to let me try one of their Keurig Special Edition brewing systems, I was extremely curious. Friends, it’s pretty amazing. It’s super easy to use and brews you a lovely cup of coffee in less than 60 seconds. Yes….60 seconds! The coffee was hot, strong and very tasty. You just pop a lil K-Cup pod into the machine and hit a button. Easy peasy! There are three settings too….small cup (perfect for vintage coffee cups!), medium cup and large (when only a big ol Orla Kiely size mug will do!).

With the Keurig you can also brew tea and hot cocoa….AND if you are super particular about your coffee, you can even get a My K-Cup which allows you to use your own schmancy coffee. Sweet! (I’m looking at you, Blue Bottle….)

Oh how I wish I had one of these when I was a new mama! It’s so crazy convenient—perfect for those early mornings (or late nights). I’m thinking this may be my new go-to gift for preggo friends or busy mamas. I’m having so much fun with it, I wanted to give one away to YOU!

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YEP! We are giving away one fabulous Keurig Special Edition brewing system (valued at $149.99).

To Enter to Win:

1.  Simply leave a lil comment below telling me what you love about coffee or your favorite kind of coffee! Be sure to leave your email so we can get in touch with you.

BONUS entries:

2. Tweet about this giveaway! Please be sure to tag @modernkiddo and use the #JustBrewIt tag!

Sample Tweet: I just entered to win a @Keurig coffee maker from @modernkiddo. Wish me luck! #JustBrewIt

Deadline to enter is April 17. We’ll announce the winner next Friday, April 18! Good luck!

We participated in this sponsored campaign on behalf of One2One Network, however as always all opinions stated are our own.

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79 Responses

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  1. Kelly D says

    I love vanilla flavored coffee.

  2. Linda Petteys says

    I love most coffee as long as it’s strong! I do need to be careful not to overdose so I try to enjoy quality over quantity!!!

  3. Jessie C. says

    I like Green Mountain breakfast blend .

  4. Jessie C. says


  5. Michele says

    Welcome back ladies! I was so excited to see a new post; I’ve missed your smiling faces!
    My hubby is the coffee drinker in our family, but I would definitely use it for the teas and hot chocolate ;-). Yum! XOXO

    Also tweeted @1sweetdreamvint

  6. Elisa says

    Ooooo…these are so convenient! I have used the one at my in-laws many times and my favorite is the Donut Shop Coffee. I don’t go much for the flavored variety so that one is perfect for me, especially since my favorite coffee when I am out and about is from Ole’s Waffle Shop 🙂

  7. lishyloo says

    ok, i already have one and I FREAKING LOVE IT. if i win this one i will be giving to a pregnant friend who is having back to back babies 🙂 she’s going to need it 🙂


  8. Lynda Del says

    Love having my French vanilla brew with cream and sugar.

  9. Elena says

    I like Kona coffee

  10. Jenny Byrne says

    I love coffee because it helps me not be so cranky when i make my kids lunch in the morning.

  11. Joy D says

    I love love love coffee!! I love flavored coffees, dark roast coffee, and anything in between! I would absolutely love to have a coffee maker like this!!

  12. rachel says

    I’ve had to switch to decaf but I still love it.

  13. Teresa says

    My favorite coffee is Green Mountain blueberry. I drink it every morning.
    dahbou at gmail dot com

  14. Bekki says

    I love, love, love, iced coffe! I’ve never used a Keurig but would love to try it!!

  15. Kate says

    I love the morning routine of waking up and smelling brewed coffee, and then enjoying a huge mugful. 🙂

  16. Sandra says

    I love coffee b/c to me it represents quiet moments when I can sit and find some clarity and peace in my life!

  17. Lori says

    blue bottle is my fave!

  18. Joanne Gregory says

    I love a medium roast coffee with half & half and a splenda.

  19. Chris says

    I love love love hazelnut! And those biodegradable San Fran coffee K cups available too

  20. Joanne Smith says

    I love Green Mountain coffee.

    momofbestbaby @ Gmail . com Just take out the spaces.

  21. Carina says

    Ooooh, I so need one of these for company and tea.

  22. Melissa says

    I just don’t love coffee, I NEED it to wake up & make it through the morning!

  23. sarah r says

    i love how drinking coffee is an experience. an experience i like to have at several different times of day, so a keurig would be perfect 🙂
    sgreck428 at yahoo

  24. Erin Ellis says

    I am so hopelessly addicted to coffee that it actually cheers me up on the first sip if I’m feeling down. It’s my “go to” in the morning, and I drink it throughout the day. Thank you for the wonderful giveaway.
    fairyfractal at gmail dot com

  25. Erin Ellis says


    Thank you!
    fairyfractal at gmail dot com

  26. Jen says

    Now that the weather’s getting warm, I like to start making my coffee iced! Year-round amazingness! I would totally brew coffee and keep it in the fridge for later…!

  27. Alison S. says

    I like black coffee in the AM and cream and sugar in the afternoon for some reason. I NEED my coffee! 🙂

  28. nichole s says

    I love breakfast blend coffee with caramel macchiato creamer
    I cannot get motivated with out!

  29. Ingrid F. says

    I love coffee all day everyday!! Cream no sugar…

  30. Portia smith says

    I love San Francisco Bay Coffee! Mrsportiasmith@gmail,com

  31. D Schmidt says

    My favorite type of coffee is Newman’s Special Blend Extra Bold Coffee

  32. Maryanne says

    Currently on coffee hiatus due to a little one but I crave anything with caramel sweetener!

  33. Nichole S says

    I love everything about coffee…cannot start my day with out it
    anything with caramel macchiato creamer is awesome!

  34. Stefanie Gladden says

    I love the taste of coffee, i pretty much like any kind! I think it’s a great way to start my day!

  35. Stefanie Gladden says


  36. jenn says

    awesome give away!! i love a nice columbian brew with lots of half & half! and if i’m feeling fancy, i’ll order up a latte….i loooooove milky coffee!!!!

  37. jenn says

    i also just tweeted!! (@beehivebaby)

  38. Jammie says

    I love the taste with sugar in it, my favorite way to have it though is over ice with caramel and creamer in it. sweepmorey at gmail dot com

  39. MissMellifluous says

    Huzzah! An even more convenient way of getting coffee coursing through my veins! The intravenous method can be such a pain… Ha!

  40. Amber G. says

    My favorite kind of coffee is when it tastes like chocolate. More specifically Mexican hot chocolate. The combo is TDF!!

  41. Jamie says

    My cup a day is usually plain coffee with plenty of cream but I do love a good iced latte, too. Oh, beautiful fuel!

  42. vanessa says

    I need coffee by 10 am or I just don’t feel like myself-lol . My favorite is iced and anything vanilla flavored.

  43. Tiffany says

    Coffee is my favorite indulgence. When I am trying to diet, coffee is one of those items you are encouraged to give up, especially if you like cream like I do (empty calories). But I refuse. I will give up EVERYTHING else. Really. I have. But step away from my coffee.

  44. Meg Naif says

    What I love about coffee….. What DON’T I love about coffee?!?! I love that there are no rules with coffee. You can drink it how you please and different ways go perfect with different foods. For example, if I am going to eat a donut or two in the morning, I like my coffee with cream and Splenda. However, when I eat key lime pie, for some reason my coffee must be black. I would love to try this keurig. I am an expectant mommy and I have a feeling I will need a cup here or there at 2 or 4 in the morning. Please pick me!!! -Meg Naif

  45. Maria Rougvie says

    I love coffee because it makes me human! Cannot function in the morning until I have a cup. I currently have one of those mini coffee makers like they have in hotel rooms in my bathroom but this would be SO much more convenient!

  46. mellissa Bigg says

    I’m so glad to hear you lovely ladies will be updating the blog again. I’ve missed you’re posts! <3

  47. Rosemary says

    I love waking up and making a cup of coffee, since I’m the only coffee drinker in my home this would be the perfect solution! ❤️😃

  48. Helena says

    Hi! I love Seattle #4. I grew up with illy coffee and Turkish coffee that my mom and sisters made on the stove. Have a great day. Cheers ✌️

  49. Suzy says

    I love the smell of coffee brewing. I love the taste of coffee. But what I most love is the ritual around drinking it. I have a mug obsession and I pick the mug that feels right for each morning. I love sitting and enjoying my coffee, either quietly by myself or over good conversation with people I care about.

  50. meredith says

    I love coffee and my favorite kind has to be a good caramel coffee with a splash of milk in it!

  51. Sarah Greanya says

    A single cup of Organic Joe in the morning gets me off to an amazing start!

  52. alaine says

    I love biscotti flavored coffee.

  53. Frances G. says

    I love a cup of very hot black coffee! I love the smell, as well as the taste. Bonus, it gets my butt moving in the morning! francesg29 at yahoo dot com

  54. Amanda Sakovitz says

    I love dark roast coffee!

  55. Meg says

    As I sit here reading I’m (ps I’ve missed the blog!) drinking a cup of cold coffee from a pot my hubby brewed this morning on his way out the door. I’m home with my little ones today and would love to be able to have a nice hot cup of hazelnut coffee. What a treat and awesome giveaway!

  56. Rebecca R. says

    YAY! I love bulletproof coffee: organic coffee blended with butter, coconut oil, and stevia. I am so excited that there is organic coffee for the Keurig now!

  57. Amy Orvin says

    My favorite kind of coffee is Eight ‘O Clock Hazelnut flavor

  58. Amy Orvin says

    tweet –

  59. Michelle r says

    Love mocha nut fudge

  60. Meg Naif says

    I realize I told you what I love about coffee but didn’t tell you my favorite kind. Anything pumpkin flavored. Makes me think of fall, my favorite time of year. And if course some cider mill donuts with that pumpkin coffee🍩+🍩=☺

  61. Desiree says

    My favorite coffee is french vanilla flavored. I buy the Starbucks K-Cups. I like it best because then I do not have to add any sugar into it. It is great tasting. I just add a little bit of soy milk to it. I have an off brand single coffee maker and have always wanted a real Keurig! I would be so grateful!
    Thank you for the chance!
    Faithrains2387 (At)

  62. Desiree says

    Thank you for the chance!! So exciting!!

  63. Tabitha P. says

    what i love most about coffee is drinking it on sunday mornings.
    i love drinking it and reading my sunday paper.

  64. LaTanya says

    I love french vanilla flavored coffee

  65. Thomas Murphy says

    I love french vanilla coffee.

    • Thomas Murphy says


  66. Thomas Murphy says


  67. Elisa says

    Thank you, thank you! Very excited to have won. If only I had the same luck in Vegas this past weekend 🙂 Thanks for the opportunity to win this awesome coffee maker!

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