Turkey Day Countdown is ON!

Oooh la la. Tis nearly time for ze bird. Whoo hoo! What are you guys up to? Are you traveling to far away family? We are staying local this year. As much as I love seeing my parents (and Greg’s too), flying on Thanksgiving is so tough—especially with a little kiddo. The airports are so crowded and flights oversold. I’ll miss seeing everyone but I’m so excited to have a few days off. [Can we pause for a moment to discuss how cute our header is??? Seriously it makes me so happy….Draw*Pilgrim is my kitschy colorful soul mate!]

How about you guys? Are you hosting yourself or going to someone elses house? And most importantly, have you decided what to cook? We are going to our good friend’s house (the same ones we celebrated Halloween with) I’m taking on sides this year and in addition to the classics—as well as a healthy salad— I want to make something a little shummier (aka naughtier). I found a couple of  contenders. Like this one (brussel spouts with figs and bacon, mmm). And this one (sweet potato with crunchy praline topping). And holy heart attack THIS one! (Creamed Corn Gratin with Fried Onion Rings and Bacon) I swear I won’t make TWO dishes with bacon in them.

I love Shutterbean’s Pumpkin Parfaits, so they might make an appearance. I’m also trying to think of a tasty pre-dinner cocktail to make. Anyone have any recommendations?

Speaking of dishes….I love vintage dishware (surprise surprise!) and have a sweet little collection of Franciscan Ware Starburst that I collected over the years (this lovely stuff). I have to say, however, that I am utterly obsessed with this Autumn Leaves pattern and have a fantasy of collecting it all and serving Thanksgiving dinner on it! How awesome would that be??

I better get to shoppin’, but I  leave you with these awesome vintage 1960s Thanksgiving videos!

This one is super cool but a tad bizarro because the person who posted it set it to old  “spooky” Twilight Zone music. I wish I knew how to set it to some fun 60s cha cha…it’s worth a look for the lady’s HUGE beehive alone! You’ll see what I mean.

I can’t wait to hear what you guys are up to and what you’ve got cookin’….

We are ever so thankful to have YOU beloved readers!!

2 thoughts on “Turkey Day Countdown is ON!

  1. Our cocktail this year is called The Presbyterian: 2 oz good bourbon (Makers Mark, for ex.) 2 oz ginger ale, 2 oz soda water, dash of bitters if you like. Over ice, of course. It’s goood. Not too strong so you won’t have people hammered too early in the day.

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