Vintage Bookshelf :: Hello Joe!

This little gem was a thrift store score a few years ago. And oh Joe, how i love ya, how I love ya! This book always makes me smile. I think the typeface of the title is really great too…

Of course Joe the Crow is sassy, but there’s something about the little squirrel in his little German hat and vest that is just so hilarious—nevermind that his name is “Nutty Sam.”

Both Joe and Nutty Sam talk in jazzy rhymes that are pretty awesome…..

Hello, Joe, Whitman Tell-A-Tale, 1961. Story by Ruth Stempel. Illustrations by Barbara Corrigan

Hurray! I can’t get enough of that crazy little squirrel…

8 thoughts on “Vintage Bookshelf :: Hello Joe!

  1. yay! my favorite kind of vintage kids illustration style- uncovering one of these books in a .25 bin is like magic! i thrifted a super cute squirrel book recently- early-mid 50s i think, and also a really sweet one with puppies using a combo of real photography + illustration. i’ll scan ’em soon to share! 🙂

    i love your vintage bookshelf posts!!!

    1. oooh i LOVE books that mix photography and illustration!! I have one that’s a zoo book I’ll have to dig up….def share yours!! (maybe you can be a Guest Bookshelf! whoo!)

  2. “My leg just broke and that ain’t no joke!” You gotta love rhymes like that!

    I love the little straw hat on the crow! This makes me want to run out to the nearest thrift store and start going through bins!

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