Vintage Holiday Flashback:: Lionel Trains.

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All families have their holiday traditions. one special tradition in my family was Christmas trains.  Now, I wasn’t really into trains as a child, but seeing how excited my father and brothers were over them always made me smile.  This didn’t start with my brothers. This was something that my dad enjoyed so much as a child that he continued it with his children. When he was a child Santa would not only bring the presents, but the tree and trains going around them.  All. That. Night.  Oof.

I know there must be other trains out there, but the ones I grew up watching were always Lionel trains.  Perhaps that is due to the wonderful ad campaigns they ran every year around the holidays.

Oh, to wake up Christmas morning to trains!

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I love when Santa also brought an entire village as well to highlight the trains. So cool! I even like the penguin!

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Did you grow up with trains?


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  1. Brendan grew up with a Christmas train, he is so funny about it. He bought one for the kids this year, said Christmas wasn’t complete without a train! I really like that ad with the circle track–more toys need to be happy circles and not exploding vampire killers 🙂

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