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Vintage Kiddo Retro Round up

How was your weekend? Did you make the most of the lovely weather? We had the nicest, sunniest weather this weekend for our annual block party. But I’ll chat more about that tomorrow.  And I also purchased a nice new iPhone and fiddled away far too much time on Instagram this weekend. But enough chit chat because I have some darling goodies to share with your this week!

Oh, this dress, this dress, this dress.  I. Magnin Kate Greenaway dress from Ebay seller, Judith Thorne.

Russian nesting dolls are super popular and with good reason–kids have so much fun with them!  The Peach can whittle away a half hour with one of her sets.  And this beautiful vintage set from Etsy seller, Olga Vintage would be gorgeous in play or on a shelf.

FuzzyMama always has great finds, like these genius plaid bellbottoms of cuteness.

Our sister Dame, Moxie Deluxe went to see Marlo Thomas talk last week and she told us the best Marlo stories!  Which of course made us remember how much we all loved Free To Be You and Me! And of course Free to Be A Family available in book form from Etsy seller, Oopsie Daisy.

I’m always mad for plaid–and this long sleeved boys shirt is worth buying now and putting aside for winter later.  From Etsy Blue Bird Lucy.

My obsession with red shoes is a long long one, so I couldn’t possibly leave out these never worn beauties that will hopefully be worn again one day. From Etsy seller Twilight Secrets.

I’m completely obsessed with all things nautical. But then again, everyone should be obsessed with these great sailor pants and suspenders.  From Etsy seller, Flour Clothing.

I HAD to feature this wonderful Playskool Activity Center after seeing one in last week’s Vintage Kiddo Round up!  And this one is a peach. I love the kitty behind the curtain. Tee hee! From Etsy seller, Connie and Andrew’s Digs!

Look what you can do with a Spirograph!  Especially this vintage Spirograph set! I particularly loved this game as a child. From Ebay seller, PepsiGuy504.

We started with a terrific dress and we are ending with another terrific dress– this perfect smocked plaid beauty that is just to-die-for wonderful! What a great find from 3 Ring Circus!

Happy Monday!


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  1. Amber Liddle says

    That is so funny, I was goung to email you about that sailor outfit. Or did I???? Whatever, you found it and featured it, which is awesome because that is the cutest thing ever!

    • Dottie says

      What can I say, lady! Great minds think alike!

      And of course I always love it when people send me stuff for the Retro Round up!

  2. Jody says


    • Alix says

      Did you see our Friday Links last week? A woman makes SPIROGRAPH cupcakes! They are phenomenal!!

      • Dottie says

        Ha! That was the inspiration for finding a spirograph. Do they still make them? If not, I’m gonna buy this one! I loved doing ’em! It was so fulfilling fitting your pen into that little plastic hole and ROCKING IT OUT!

  3. Dame Rusty says

    Parents are people too!

    It’s alright to cry!

    Oh, the timeless lessons learned from this amazing project. They even have a foundation built around it now:

    • Alix says

      I’ve been planning a post for about THREE years now (ever since my Strawbery Lemonade Blog days) and it’s so hard to find images/stills from the project. (Other than Michael Jackson’s “When I Grow Up”). I have it on DVD and wolfie was really into it and i swear Rusty it made me cry every time we watched it together!!!! It’s really one of my all time favorites.

  4. Alix says

    Such cuteness…..those little red shoes……so cute! And of course the sailor outfit. Love them all!

  5. Fuzzymama says

    I think I may have to get that Free To Be You and Me-Family book—LOVE IT. The original was such a part of my childhood. Thanks for including my plaid pants–they sold very quickly!

  6. jennifer perkins says

    The Sailor outfit is super dreamy. Also love the activity center, I collect Fisher-Price ones. I dream of having a ton so I can do a big wall display of them. Glad I found your bloggity-blog today 🙂

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