Vintage Kiddo Retro Round Up

This was just a perfect weekend!  Visiting friends, family hikes, baby showers, perfect sliders, trashy reading and good long nap!  I even trying a new little tradition–baking with the Peach on Saturdays–and then giving away the extras to the kids on the block, so I get my baking yayas out without doing too much damage to my waistline.  I just bought Smitten Kitchen’s amazing cookbook and we made the very easy salted brown butter rice krispie treats and hoo boy, they were amazing!  But in between all of the fun, I of course managed to find some sweet goodies to share with you. Hurrah!


Etsy seller, Fuzzymama always has a great selection of vintage goodies for kiddos and mamas and Daddys. But when I saw these gems, I HAD to share them with you!  I remember playing with these in my pediatrician’s office before going in for the shots…

Is this not the duckiest little sweater!  And the red is so darling and jaunty too! From Etsy seller, Potato Cake Vintage.

Skiing bunny would have made sense for a lot of people this past Easter. Love it! From Etsy seller, Rowdy Roddy Vintage.

I think little buttercream yellow dresses are perfect. Like this one. From Etsy seller, Twintage.

B is for Bert. From Etsy seller, Fun Finds Vintage.

Two dresses for the price of one! From Etsy seller, Ivory Berry.

This way beats the old shoebox I keep the Peach’s crayons.  Totally love it! From Etsy seller, Fuz and Fu Vintage.

Check out this paisley perfection. From Etsy seller, Willow’s Room.

I’m always cuckoo from clogs and these turquoise ones are so divine! From Etsy seller, Red Truck Vintage.

This is one of those shirts Eric would like in his size.  Sorry sweets, this would be too tiny for you! From Etsy seller, Stag Vintage Clothing.

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