Vintage Target Back in the Day.

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I love Target. But I didn’t realize they had been around since the sixties! The first store opened its doors on May 1, 1962 in Roseville, Minnesota. These photos are like the Target of my dreams.

 photo VintageTarget_5.jpg

 photo VintageTarget_6.jpg

 photo VintageTarget_2.jpg

In 1968 they revamped the logo (down there on the right) to be a little more bold and iconic. It’s the logo as it stands today. I wish I could track down even more photos….it’s pretty fascinating to see, no?

 photo VintageTarget_4.jpg

Next up? Track down the story behind this lil beauty!

 photo Vintage_grocery.png

images: here, @targetstyle on instagram and the target archives

7 thoughts on “Vintage Target Back in the Day.

  1. That’s pretty awesome. I love Target and I never knew they opened in the sixties! Looks like they still had an amazing clothing section back in the day!

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  3. White Front was a department store in California that went out of business in the late ’60s. It looks like the cars have the old CA yellow plates and I’m getting the vibe that this was on the corner of Rodeo Road and La Cienega Blvd in Los Angeles. It was burned down in the 65 riots and currently is a Target.

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