We Love Stripes // Stripe Mania with decor8!

If you like to read design blogs, then I’m SURE you’ve read my friend Holly Becker’s blog, decor8. Besides being one of the top deisgner bloggers in the world, she is also one of the nicest people around and has a great goofy side to her too (as evidenced by her tuesday twitter dance party!). She recently posted a fun little challenge called Stripe Mania. Since we all love stripes, why not get a whole collection of photos of bloggers wearing stripes?? I thought it was a pretty fun idea. Here are my photos of Wolfie and I in all our stripey glory!

You may be thinking, “It’s summer Alix, is this a picture from winter? You’re wearing tights and a sweater? And Wolfie? Jeans and long sleeves??” Well welcome to Summer in San Francisco, friends! We have had cool and rainy grey skies ALL WEEK LONG! Boooo. Well, as I always say, San Francisco likes to arrive fashionably late to summer. We’ll start getting warm come August!

We have had a busy busy weekend. I’m selling at the Alameda Flea Market Sunday…and if you follow me on Instagram (galexina) or twitter, then you’ve seen sneak peaks at all the crazy vintage mania I’ve got going on. Wish me luck!

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