15 Characters That Inspired Me // Dottie Edition

OK friends! I love this so much. It was great reading Alix’s Top 15 picks and I can’t wait to see who YOU would put on your list! After much thought, I came up with my own 15 Characters that Inspired Me. I tried very hard not to go over 15 although it was hard because there we so many good ones—Sally J. Friedman! Betsy from the Betsy/Tracy books! Oh, the list goes on and on. OK, here’s my list!

1. Anne, Anne of Green Gables

From the first book to the last—I love them all, but who wouldn’t love that plucky redheaded orphan who was so dramatic (ahem) and who grew into a gracious adult who held onto her creative side. And loved fashion.

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2. Maggie Prescott,  Funny Face

I know, it seems appalling not to choose the Audrey Hepburn character. But the one I adored was Fred Astaire’s fun friend who helped turn Audrey into the fabulous girl in the short, tulle-laden wedding dress everyone loves.  And her number, “Think Pink” was fantastic!  It was the first time I saw a character whose job was in fashion.  And that fashion is totally based on the whims of someone–hopefully as fabulous as Maggie Prescott!

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3. Laura Ingalls, Little House on the Prairie

Everyone’s favorite little pioneer whose never-ending resourcefulness of the time is such a great read. And she never let the bullies get to her.

 photo Dottie_LittleHouse.jpg

4. Rhoda, Mary Tyler Moore Show + Rhoda

I don’t know why, but Mary Tyler Moore’s perkiness just didn’t compare to the sass and head scarf wearing awesomeness of Rhoda. Rhoda took chances and always tried to hit for the fences even if it turned out to be a foul ball.

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5. Murphy Brown, Murphy Brown

Yes, you can be a smart working woman and Murphy made it all seem possible.  And single mom to boot!

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6. Emily Post

OK, not really a character and her writing wasn’t exactly fiction, but her books were always on my night stand.  Because as a tween, some times you just wanted to know that there was a right way to act.  And find solutions to those sticky moments in life were manners can just help smooth things over in the nicest way.

 photo Dottie_emily1.jpg

7. Daria

Speaking of teenage years. I must admit I was always more Daria Morgandorfer than Brittney Spears in high school. Her dry sense of humor spoke to me. Plus, it was just nice to see the quirky girl with glasses get to be the star of the show.

 photo Dottie_daria1.jpeg

8. Jo, Little Women

Oh Jo, you wonderful writer! Actually, I have to admit I really liked all of the sisters, but of course Jo’s wonderful spunkiness spoke to my heart.

 photo Dottie_littlewomen.jpeg

9. Josie, Josie and the Pussycats

I know, another cartoon! But this is about a girl in a band who can sing and solve mysteries!  I seriously don’t know if life gets better than that.  Plus the outfits were totally cute!

 photo Dottie_Josie.jpg

10. Annie

The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow!  Oh, to sing away one’s sorrows on Broadway! I saw the play when I was in second grade on Broadway with Sarah Jessica Parker in the role of Annie.  I loved her spunk and her ability to have fun and break out into song—even during the most bleak moments of life.

 photo Dottie_annie.jpeg

11. MacGyver!

Laugh all you want,  until you need to build a CB radio and all you have is a thumb tack, a packet of ketchup and a plastic spoon.  We’ve all had that moment of channeling our inner MacGyver and I can’t help but smile when I make do with someone in a rather clever way.

 photo Dottie_macguyver.jpeg

12. Morticia Addams, The Addams Family

I thought she was the most glamorous thing around.  And her husband was desperately in love with her.  She clearly wiggled to her own drummer, not noticing that it might be out of tune with the rest of the world.  Go forward, my goth goddess!

 photo morticia001.jpg

13. Hildy, His Girl Friday

Please, oh please tell me you’ve seen this movie!  Because it’s hilarious and when you look up the word dame in the dictionary, you’ll see a picture of Hildy. She’s smart, she’s a go-getter and she’s hilarious.

 photo Dottie_Hildy.jpg

14. Don Lockwood, Singing in the Rain

Oh Gene Kelly!  I swear, no bad mood can exist after humming a few bars of that iconic song! I loved the whole movie from its beginning discussion about the history of movies with its roots in vaudeville and the whole background discussion of how the “talkies” changed everything.  And of course the beauty of Gene Kelly as Don Lockwood, singing in the rain.

 photo Dottie_Rain.jpeg

15. Laverne, Laverne & Shirley

I always saw myself as more Laverne than Shirley, but mostly I loved the amazing friendship that got them through thick and thin. No cattiness, just plain love, loyalty and support! A great template for all future friendships. And let’s not forget about all of the sweet 50s dresses to boot!

 photo Dottie_Laverne2.jpeg

Well, there’s my list! I had to smile because it really is a little slice of me, I guess.  Are any of them similar to yours?

9 thoughts on “15 Characters That Inspired Me // Dottie Edition

  1. I LOVE – and yet I’m not surprised – that we have so many of the same childhood inspirations. Laverne, Gene Kelley, Daria and Morticia! Such a magical combination of influences. And don’t get me started on how much I love that you included MacGyver in this!

  2. The Think Pink number from Funny Face was divine! And the only person I can see vying for top dame status against His Girl Friday’s Hildy would be Auntie Mame! I think our combined MacGyver skills have gotten us out of many a pinch!

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