Yee haw, Weekly Kiddo is double the fun!

Gather ’round pardners. Man do I have something extra-awesome special for ya’ll this week at the Cute Kiddo Corral. You may have noticed that our little Weekly Kiddo logo has a boy AND a girl on it today. Can you guess why? Yup. TWINS. We have TWINS this week! And when you see little Olive and Calder you are going to flip. These are two super stylish little cuties—and they’re only 2 1/2 years old. They’re mom has a great eye for fashion and loves to buy from second-hand, consignment or thrift stores, and ebay. We love this! And she still manages to rock some really hip brands too. Olive, Calder….are you ready? Wonder twin powers, activate!

+ Small paul tee
+ Mama-made birdie skirt (alexander henry fabric)
+ Socks, little miss matched (So cute! Dottie just posted about these last week…)
+ Black Converse sneaks

+ Shorts, tee and socks, The Gap
+ Black Converse sneaks

Meet Calder!

+ Super cool cowboy shirt by Ramonster
+ Jeans by paper denim cloth
+ Handmade cap
+ Tri-colored converse

Meet Olive!

+ Amazing cotton candy pink dress by kate mack
+ Socks by little miss matched
+ Black Converse


+ Wave tee by tea collection
+ Jean shorts by paper denim cloth
+ Purple sandal shoes, by keen
+ Rad Houndstooth Hat by knuckleheads

Olive (she’s up there in the distance—looking adorable even when she’s blurry!)

+ Cat dress by ZAZA

+ Apron dress by matilda jane

+ Cheeky monkey tee by MORFS
+ Gap jeans
+ Black converse

+ Oink baby dress
+ Stride rite socks
+ Red cowboy boots by old west


+ Bubble dot retro cowboy, Ramonster
+ Jeans by paper denim cloth


+ Birdie shirt, Oilily
+ Handmade wooden camera

+ Mama made popeye and olive oyl halloween costumes (um, hello….so cute! Olive Oyle is perfect, but check out Popeye’s forearms! “I’m strong to the finitch ’cause I eats me spinach….”

+ Matching Monkey Jammies, Old Navy

+ oilily (unfinished forest) dress
+ mushroom shoes by livie and luca

+ ramonster cowboy shirt
+ jeans by paper denim cloth
+ handmade hat

So usually I do a little write up about our sweet Weekly Kiddo, but since we have TWO this week, i wanted to make sure they each got their time in the spotlight. I asked their awesome mama Kristen to give me some fun tidbits about these two superstars—so take a gander:

10 things about calder

1. calder is a VERY sweet boy with HUGE brown eyes and a bright smile!
2. he often pretends to be a dinosaur we’ve named ‘caldersaurus rex’ that likes to give hugs and kisses…oh, and ROARRRR.
3. he won’t try meat, and can tell when ANY meat products are in a recipe…he won’t even touch a piece of cheese pizza that was next to a piece with meat:)
4. calder loves fish, and helps us take care of our salt water fish aquarium.
5. calder spends HOURS making ‘animal parades’ with his animal figurines…lining them up…sometimes stretching the length of the house
6. the boy also loves bugs and will FREAK out is someone accidentally steps on an ant hill
7. calder food groups CHEESE, YOUGURT, GRANOLA, and FRUIT
8. calder loves being outside, and riding his balance bike around the block to ‘visit’ our neighborhood fire station
9. he LOVES hats, and insists on choosing the right one each day!
10. calder was named after the artist ALEXANDER CALDER

10 things about olive
1. olive is our snickerdoodle, she is sassy, and fun.
2. olive has been picking out her own clothes since she was 14 months old…her style is VERY funky, extremely colorful and sometimes mismatched!
3. olive loves art, and will often work on the same piece of art for an hour or more
4. olive takes her babies (gracie and dot) EVERYWHERE with her
5. olive likes to pretend she’s a dino we’ve named OLIVE RAPTOR that has an ear piercing shriekkkkk
6. while olive shares the love for cheese and yogurt with calder, MEAT has always been her favorite.
7. olive once told a stranger at an art opening her name was ‘avocado’
8. olive has always loved to dance, and make up silly songs.
9. olive is a HUGE fan of carousels
10 olive’s middle name is ‘sanctuario’ named after sanctuario de chimayo in Chimayo, NM

HOW CUTE ARE THESE LIL TWINS??? I love sweet Calder the awesome vegetarian animal lover and spunky Olive “Avocado” the art lover. I think it’s so excellent that their parents take them to museums and art openings. I can’t wait to see these little twin stars in a couple of years. Something tells me they’ll just keep getting cuter and even more creative! Thanks Kristen for sharing these two special kiddos with us!

9 thoughts on “Yee haw, Weekly Kiddo is double the fun!

  1. OhMyCuteness! Thankyouthankyouthankyou for the cotton candy dress pic! I always complain up and down about how little girls’ clothes are so overwhelmingly pastel (even the PJs! Seriously, a girl can’t even get primaries in her SLEEP?). But now if my mom slides in a big ol’ pastel dress, I’ll match it up with sassy legwarmers! What fab funkspiration!

    And that bubble rodeo shirt is just KILLER! *scampers off the etsy to find it in a dress*

  2. Where do you find these cuties, Alix? This duo has blown the cuteness odometer off the charts. That is some seriously adorable stinky cuteness you got there!

    And they both sound as individual as their clothese! I love their dinosaur names. You are killing me with the cuteness!

  3. I only know ONE set of twins named Olive and Calder! Imagine my surprise to see the little whippersnappers on here, Kristin!!!!
    Did Tracy see these? They are the cutest things….ever!!!

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