Guess Who’s In MAEVE Magazine?

Yahoo! The latest issue of Maeve Magazine is out…and guess who has another article inside? Yep, that’s muh name on the cover. So exciting! Editor Kate, from Tea & Jam Photography, is soooooo insanely talented. Not only is she a fabulous photographer, she is an amazing graphic designer—she always makes my words look fabulous. Thank you Kate for another amazing issue! There are tons of beautiful photos and cool articles inside—I think you’ll love it. My story is about the Wonderful World of Blythe, which was so much fun to write:

There are tons of other fun and thought-provoking features inside. I’m especially in love with these little kiddos from this photo shoot:

Be sure to check out MAEVE over here!!

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6 thoughts on “Guess Who’s In MAEVE Magazine?

  1. ok now i have to know what pippi looks like!!!! send me a pic!!! and i love the article! i had the chance to by an original blythe back in the 90’s it was $55 and i said i would never pay that much for a doll! now i am kicking myself! BTW i bought a little miss no name instead she was $10.

    1. Pippi is the little red head in the article!! (She is on the very last page….wearing something I could imagine YOUR Pip wearing!) I never told you about her because I didn’t want you to think I was a koo koo bird. “I love your daughter’s name! She’s so cute! I have a DOLL with the same name!” haha

  2. Alix, that really was a great article on Blythe dolls. I personally didn’t know that their eyes could turn pink. PINK! I completely understand the passion people can have for these dolls!

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