Coming Soon::Real Life Goes to the Pumpkin Patch

Coming Soooooon!
OK, so I’m running a little behind on today’s post….but today we’re talkin’ pumpkin patches. We hit a really cool area here in California this past weekend and I wanted to share some photos with you. But I kind of fell asleep WAY early last night (I’m a night owl, which is when I get this crazy bloggin’ stuff done….but last night I conked out at 9:30!!). Anyway, never fear it’s comin’! Also, today is the LAST DAY TO SEND ME YER HOMEMADE COSTUME PHOTOS! The Costume Parade is going up this week! Did you make an amazing homemade costume that you are dying to show off? Or did things not go quite as expected and you have a spectacular craft fail? Send ’em all my way! Alix [at] Read more about it HERE!

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