Viva Los Cotton Monsters!

When I was growing up, monsters were scary things that hid in your closet or under your bed—but not any more. Meet the insanely adorable Cotton Monster. Hand made by the wildly creative Jennifer Strunge, each little monster is a wee work of art. These little loveable creatures are made of vintage materials and are so gosh darn snuggly you can’t help but love them. Jennifer says: “Each monster is different, and made from recycled clothes and materials, so I never have one set color palette to work from…I really let the materials dictate what the monster will turn out to be…so it’s important to me that they are recycled, and in a way, given a new life!

Wolfie’s Auntie Freckle (my lovely pal Jenny) sent him one when he was around three. Dubbed “Monty” (because he couldn’t really say “Monster”), he has been a fixture on many a flight to grandmama’s house! Cotton Monsters can double as a pillow and the mouth contains a secret pocket for storing things like sweets or little trains. Wolfie likes to use the arms to tie Monty on like a little back pack when we travel. How cute is that?

Jennifer makes them in all sizes. The larger one’s are a tad pricey but they are so well made and unique. People flip for them, so if you want one snag it ASAP! Her Etsy shop sells out all the time.


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