Kiddo Fieldtrip // Renegade Crafts fair with Wolfie

Soooooo….the Hootenanny. I’m so sorry I haven’t done one in the last 2 weeks but I’ll tell ya why. I just haven’t been online much. Which means I haven’t been stockpiling cute things for you. Which is highly unusual for me….but life has been busy aaaaand so it goes! But here’s something fun. Last weekend Wolfie and I hit the Renegade Craft Fair!

If you’ve been to Renegade before, then you know how much fun it can be! If you haven’t been…well, imagine tons of hipster crafty arty goodness all crammed under one roof. To be honest, it probably wasn’t Wolfie’s idea of a dream day. He’s such a sweet little fella, but shopping for crafts and jewelry isn’t really a Top 10 choice for little 8 year old boys. He’d rather be playing kick ball or checking out the Lego store. But I always think its good to expose kids to things they might not choose themselves—I’m  always encouraging Wolfie to try and find the unexpected fun in situations. And hey, some things just might surprise you and be better than you thought! OK…I admit, I also told him I’d let him pick out something fun to buy. Hey, a little bribery never hurt anyone, right??

SF Renegade is always at Fort Mason, and it’s SUCH a pretty water-front location. The weather was just glorious! {Oh you might notice Wolfie in two diff shirts in this post….the Cali shirt was under the stripey one… got a bit hot, so he took the striped one off!}

We loved these super cute pencils (like these Classic Hip Hop ones!) from One Up Designs.

Wolfie picked out this cool artwork from artist Annie Galvin, from 3 Fish Studios as his item. We love animals. We love bears. We love California. And we love color. Yup. This one was a no brainer!

Heh. This little hipster teddy bear had me cracking up—and swiping a swig from his little felt PBR. He even has a little mini mole skiene notebook. From LetsBeFriends.

It’s fun to run into pals, and we loved chatting with Robert Mahar (Mahar Crafts) and Cathy Callahan (vintage crafter extraordinaire cathy of california)! They’re both so talented and super sweet. Robert is making new party popper kits that are really cool and Cathy has some really fun new necklaces.

We also ran into cute Lisa, from Zelma Rose—I love her constellation pendants.

I was really into these book safes, made from old, recycled books. There was a version that hid a flask too. hee. From pomme frites charming home decor. I forgot to go back and get one. Gotta remember them. It’d be a fun gifty!

Wolfie especially loved this Super Mario “Power Up” mushroom poster from Row Boat Press.

There are always tons of fun graphic tees at Renegade. Because we were having so much fun, I told Wolfie he could also pick out a tee shirt and this “Make Me a Taco” one was a big hit! From the kooky guys over at Seibei.

We also poked around the Gnome Enterprises booth. They have great stuff for big folks, and the little ones too!

I spied lots of fun Midwestern goodness from The Social Department. Go Michigan!

The guys at Seibei gave Wolfie a free tote to carry his goodies in….which was SUPER nice.

Wolfie really threw himself into the day and was so cute and charming and polite, I was SO proud of him. We also cracked up the entire day. We kept giggling because there was a sauerkraut vendor (which was a BIG mistake, friends!) and the whole area near the food smelled like one big fart. It’s true. And folks, nothing is funnier than a toot. OK, back to the goods. I always love looking at jewelry. I didn’t snap many photos but I loved this felt stuff from Homoko. So pretty!

Oh, and these plush guys from Mimi Kirchner were SUPER fun. The tattooed man was very clever, but I loved the Fantastic Mr. Foxy.

Sooooo even my special little awesome shopping buddy reached his limit….and despite all the laughing and fun we had, he finally said, “That’s enough! No more quirky hipster goodies, ironic moustaches and wooden ties mama!!!! I’m over it!” OK fine, maybe what he really said was closer to “My feet hurt!! I’m not walking any more. Let’s call daddy!!” I asked him to pose for one last photo and this was what I got:

Hahahaha. He’s a ham, my boy. And really we had the best time together….have you guys been to Renegade? How’s your weekend going?


12 thoughts on “Kiddo Fieldtrip // Renegade Crafts fair with Wolfie

  1. Stella and I went and had a ball (and spent a chunk of change, too!). Those tattooed dolls were one of my very favorite things at the entire fair. We brought home some great things, and I wanted so much more! This was my first time going, I’m looking forward to the holiday fair in December! 🙂

    1. You know? I miss it too! It’s fun to go web trekking for you guys!! thanks for saying you like it. it’s one of those posts that never really gets a ton of comments, but then people will mention to me that they really love it, so it’s great to hear!!

    1. With an awesome mama like you, I’m sure he will be! My biggest tip is don’t be afraid to take them places….get them involved…..and its ok to bend the rules. I often ask Wolfie for his opinion when I’m shopping, just so he feels a little involved (like “Which color do you like? or we used to make a big game of smelling allll the soaps at TJ Maxx and I would pretend I really needed his input on which one we should bring home. I think he liked feeling important! haha). And then….don’t be afraid to let ’em have an extra treat or play on your phone or whatever keeps them happy while you’re doing your thang!

  2. Aw! I’m so glad it was a blast, lady! And you make a really great point about introducing kids to things that they may or may not have a natural inclination for! I’m going to take that lesson to heart!

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