A little window into fourth grade Dottie

Folks, I just had to share this…

My parents sent me my old doll house that I’m giving to the Peach for her fourth birthday.  It had not seen the light of day since it was packed up when I was 12 years old.

But as I was unpacking it, I found this gem–a crumbled up note card from a book report presentation I did in 4th grade. Let me share it with you…

After reading it through it occurs to me that this note card was from a book report on 4th grade on MOMMY DEAREST!  Are 4th grade kids still reading that? Is anyone still reading that?  I really don’t think Mommy Dearest was a proper book to read at the age of 10! What was my mother thinking? What was I thinking?

And clearly I was mildly obsessed with Tupperware because I can’t remember if that was part of the book or not.  Or why it was so important to this book report.

What was the most inappropriate book you ever read as a kid? Oh, there are soo many ones! Oh man, like Flowers in the Attic? Remember THAT book?

12 thoughts on “A little window into fourth grade Dottie

  1. Ha ha! Before you even mentioned it, I was thinking Flowers in the Attic. I was obsessed with those books when I was a teenager. My sisters and I talk about it now, and we’re like, “Why would Mom have let us read those books??”!!

    1. I know, right? I think my mom had no idea I was reading it, but I read it, OH YES! And all those other books too! I was in sixth grade when I read them. I’m so doing a piece on that series!

  2. Lol, gotta go to a tupperware party now, see ya!

    I remember reading Danielle Steele books and they were quite racy for a 10yo. Also, the Sweet Valley High books had some rather mature content and I had friends in 5th grade whose parents wouldn’t let them read them so they’d borrow mine. Ha!

  3. You are ADORABLE And when I saw this I was totally thinking about Flowers in the Attic too….I don’t think I read things like that til maybe 5th (6th?) grade. But amazing!

  4. Aw man, I never saw the movie but just was looking on YouTube and they have the Wire hanger scene on there and now I’m totally disturbed!!!!!!!!!!! I swear once you have a child you look at everything differently. I think I always thought it was bad, but kind of over the top campy ! Now I’m just seeing little wolfie in there. waaaaah! haha

  5. I do love the “Everything went quite well ” part. And of course that bit about Tupperware! I’d forgotten about the Flowers in the Attic books until Corey mentioned them. There was some pretty steamy incestuous attic action, I remember. My Southern Baptist parents would have caned me if they’d known!

  6. Hand to God, as soon as I read “Mommie Dearest” I started thinking “what grade did we all start reading Flowers in the Attic”. I swear! Which, by the way, I would never let Stella read until much older. Mommie Dearest before Flowers, for sure!

    Even more important, when can she watch Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf and Burnt Offerings with me? Two of my all time favorites! 🙂

  7. in the tiny space that existed between me reading the question and then reading “Flowers in the Attic”, my mind screamed FLOWERS IN THE ATTIC. that was the first novel i read. christ, i must have been in middle school. really, mom?

    i certainly watched “mommie dearest” quite a few times at probably an even younger age.

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