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The Peach is obsessed with writing right now. No piece of paper is safe in our house from someone spelling her name and practicing writing.

Although the rote experience of writing on paper will never go away, we like to supplement our girlie’s learning lessons with an app or two. But believe it or not, finding a fun one that engages your kiddo and is actually enjoyable and beautifully designed is actually very hard to find!  Thank goodness for the clever folks at Wee Society, who created the most addictive and beautiful app to help your kiddo learn the alphabet!

The somewhat silly stories and quirky illustrations of Alexander the Angelfish, Biki the Buffalo, and their furry, feathered or finned friends, are full of surprises.

The goal of the Wee Alpha app is for your kiddo to find each letter of the alphabet hidden in the animals, activate some really fun little animation in each letter picture, and then practice drawing your own special letter – set to rad music by Rabbit!

  • Interactive animations that respond to touch, encourage discovery and promote pre-literacy skills
  • Music, narration and sound effects from indie rock band Rabbit
  • Letter highlighting that helps reinforce ABCs
  • A sketchpad to practice drawing your special letter
  • Tips for parents to create teaching moments

What makes this app so wonderful are the beautiful illustrations of all the animals.  And what luck, the clever folks behind Wee Alpha, also offer those endearing little animals in poster form.  Pretty sweet, huh?

Kindertown, a leading resource for finding quality educational apps for kids, named Wee Alphas in their top 5 learning apps for 4-year-olds. Hot dog! If that isn’t enough to make you download it to your app…

And keep an eye on Wee Society as they are planning on launching a cool new app soon called You-Things!

What are some of your favorite apps for your pre-schooler?



2 thoughts on “Snap that App:: Wee Alphas

  1. Thanks for the app recommendation Dottie! My girly is just about the same age as Peach and will live this for sure. We use our iPad a lot around here (especially since the arrival of her little brother). Some of our favorites are:
    Pirates love to read (love to count)
    Anything from Tocaboca
    Happy Vet
    Wet Dry Try
    Petting Zoo

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