A {totally easy!} Rockin’ Valentines Day Treat.

In my eyes, Valentine’s Day was never better than when we were in elementary school. Nothing was more fun than racing home, clutching that paper bag “mail box” all crammed full of tiny colorful valentines—and blushing like crazy when you realized you got a card from that cutie who sat behind you.

Now as a parent, I’m in charge of coming up with cool Valentines for my own kiddo to pass out. While I looooove beautiful crafties, I have to be honest. I don’t really have time to make anything too elaborate. At the same time I think it’s fun to do something a little special. This idea from Zakka Life is my new favorite! Totally easy and totally awesome, these rad, rock-n-roll lollipops are SURE to be a hit in Wolfie’s first grade class.

This brilliant print out fits over heart shaped lollipops! They print out three to a sheet. You cut ’em out, hole punch the middle and pop ’em on top of a sucker. Easy peasy! Here’s all you need to make ’em.

+ Heart Shaped Lollipops (or any flat lollipop)
+ White Card Stock (but white paper works well)
+ Scissors
+ Hole Punch
+ Double Stick Tape

Print out the template at Zakka Life right HERE.

Soooooo cool, huh! “Bweedle bweedle bwowowow!” [that’s me playing air guitar over this cool score!]

“Can we PLEASE stop taking photos now, mama??”


12 thoughts on “A {totally easy!} Rockin’ Valentines Day Treat.

    1. hahaha thanks heather! the pants were deadstock….still had the tags. I felt awful pulling them off! they’re alittle big/long but they were soft and not too Poleyster scratchy!

  1. Dang I just bought a pack of stickers for little girls class, I may have to make a trip back out for suckers!!!
    I’m also lovin those rockin plaid pants!! I just scored a bunch little red and blue plaid pants for my little girl:)

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