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A Willy Wonka Birthday Party for the WIN!

My lovely friend Pilgrim is colorful, creative and the world’s best mama! You’ve seen her fabulous illustrations (she designed our super amazing masthead—including the spooktacular October version!) but wait til you see this spectacular party she threw for her little man D, who was turning a grand old FIVE. I’m so thrilled to share with you, Draw! Pilgrim’s Magical Willy Wonka Party!

I think my favorite thing about this party is that with a little planning, and a defined color scheme, you can create something pretty spectacular faster than you can say  Oompa Loompa Loopety Doo! Let’s cut to the chase—we begin with the invitations. Pilgrim’s fun party invitations are a great play on the original! Here’s what she had to say about them:

“i started off “small” with the invitations. the obvious choice was to send out bars of chocolate with golden tickets! and who am i to question the obvious choice?! however i’m neither made of postage money or chocolate so i opted for 2D double-sided paper wonka bars that were cheaper and simpler to post. i made you a special printable version to use for your own wonka party, linked below! ask your print shop to print them double sided – printable front and printable inside: just fill in the party host, the location, time and date, your phone number and “RSVP by” date.”

How sweet! You can download your own! Yee haw! Pilgrim is always extremely generous with rad little downloadables….but back to the party!

For decor, Pilgrim did not disappoint. Her trademark vibrant color palette displayed beautifully with whimsical candies—both real and pretend. I love the mason jars “filled” with paper candy. Such a simple but effective touch! They are a great way to give added punch but let the real candies become the stars of the party!

“a tight color palette may not be the answer to all of life’s problems, but it helps parties look well put together with minimal effort and expense. turns out there’s not much chocolate brown party supply out there so i happily used the groovy pink/orange/yellow color scheme of the wonka bar packaging. you can make a big impact with a knock-out buffet display – let the food display be part of the decor: decorative AND delicious! i really lucked out finding a groovy striped plastic table cloth in those colors which served as the backdrop to the table AND the table cloth (it was long).”

~ Ze Delicious Menu ~

fizzy lifting lemonade

everlasting bubblegum cordial

(if you’re in australia, cottee’s make blue “gubble bum” flavored cordial)

ice water

chocolate crackles

birthday cake flavor rice krispie treats

chocolate+candy spoons

coconut strawberries

jelly slice

pretzels, chips, popcorn, mini candy bars, & lots and lots of candies!

M&M’s on chocolate cake is one of my all time favorite “festive but easy” decorating techniques. Of course Pilgrim does it one better by making a graphic design—the number 5. I LOVE this! And the square cake is so adorable.

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Mr. D and the marvelous Pilgrim in person and I can tell you that they are awesome. He is adorably sweet and spunky and Ms Pilgrim is every bit as cool and lovely as you’d think she would be. So it should come as no surprise that they created one of the cutest and coolest parties I’ve ever seen! So often in these “fancy kiddo bday parties” the decor seems more for the parents than the children (I’m guilty of this myself….). And this party is so much fun for children AND grownups alike. Pilgrim, you are a clever clogs. I’ve only shown you a bit of her madness. You must go to draw! pilgrim to see the really fun games she drummed up as well! Let’s just say there is a game called “violet beauregarde’s blueberry balloon bonanza”.


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  1. Cal's mum says

    So impressed, this is a brilliant party!

  2. Dottie says

    There is so much to love here that all I can say is that I’m tempted to rip everything off and give the Peach a Willy Wonka birthday party!

    I love the use of stripes! And happy birthday Mr. D, you little cutie patootie!

  3. Alice says

    So great!

  4. misha lulu says

    wow I love it!

  5. sandi d says

    Awesome party!!!

  6. Eartha Kitsch says

    That girl rocks. I’d LOVE to have a party like this! Lucky kiddo!

  7. Diana says

    This is amazing! Love the cake!

  8. 3 ring circus • heather says

    pip says happy birthday D. and wishes you were coming back to disneyland!

  9. mel says

    So sweet! I want a Willy Wonka birthday party!
    Well done, and enjoy the weekend!

  10. Jennifer @ Natural Parents Network says

    I love the use of the vintage Wonka. And all those goodies look divine, just as you would expect a birthday with Wonka to be! I can’t wait to click over and see what kind of games she came up with to go with!

  11. kw says

    So talented! That cake looks incredible.

  12. Lynelle Woolley says

    Amazing! I love it! Very creative!

  13. Julia@StayAtHomeMoms101 says

    My kids love that movie I think I’ll use this theme for her next birthday party. Thanks for the great idea.

  14. Jenny says

    Very cool! You did an amazing job!

  15. Lisa says

    SOOO cute and great work!!!!

  16. Keirasmommy says

    The decorations look great of course. Great idea…but is it correct that the entire menu for the birthday party consisted of CANDY?!? Was there no FOOD?

  17. Gems says

    I haven’t seen some of those candies for years! What am amazing party!

  18. Tomas@transformers toys says

    Wow, this is a unique party, it’s inspired me, thanks a lot, BTW Happy Birthday Mr.D

  19. arbudi@barbiehouse says

    Make our kids happy in a great Birthday party like this is so wonderful, amazing job.

  20. Jason says

    Wow! This is just out of control awesome! Great invitations, candy jars, cake and decorations. And beautiful photos too.

  21. Sandra says

    Oh, my! So much delicious stuff! Not enough time to taste all! I´m definitely stumbling this!

  22. Sara says

    What a fantastic party theme! So unique, I am just blown away!

  23. Karen says

    Wow, you did such an amazing job. Well done. Very very creative theme.

  24. Becky says

    What an awesome mommy!! This is one cool party! Please link up to Foodie Friday!

  25. Stacy says

    The bright colors make this look so fun! The cake with the chocolate covered candies is great! I bet the kids loved everything!

  26. Leslie says

    The link for the invites doesn’t work. Can you possibly send a new one? Thank you!

    • JMY says

      Did you ever find a link to the Willy Wonka Party invitations? I am looking also. Thank you!

  27. Corrin says

    Are the Invites to print up still available. I have been searching for my twins birthday and was very excited when I saw yours. Please let me know if there is any way I can get a downloadable version of the front and back of your invite?

    • JMY says

      Did you ever find a way to print the Willy Wonka invitations? I am also looking. Thank you!

  28. Bre says

    Aww! Super cute, but i’m sad that the invitations are no longer free printables 🙁

  29. Alexandra says

    Where can I get the willy wonka invites you have posted?

    • Pam M Paterra says

      I am also looking for a link to the invitations. Have your received a response?

  30. Dominic Stafford says

    Hi where is the link for the invitations ?

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