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Cute Book Alert :: The Romeo & Juliet Board Book. No really.

Friar Lawrence? Mercutio? And don’t get me started on Tybalt’s saucy hat….

But wait. The literary cuteness isn’t done yet. There is a second book in the series. The Pride & Prejudice Board Book? Oh yes indeed friends.

Conceived by author Jennifer Adams and illustrated by super talented artist Alison Oliver, these books are just too fun for words. The artwork is simply gorgeous, and the idea extremely clever. Each board book is lightweight but sturdy enough to stand up to many readings (and the occasional chewing). I think parents will get a kick out of these, but they are still appropriate and practical for kiddos! I can’t wait to see what these two talented ladies have up their sleeves….but word on the street is that we have another fun counting primer on the way AND a fun color primer:

You dying? I know I am….special thanks to the amazing Alison Oliver for sending me a copy of BabyLit Romeo & Juliet Board Book. It’s already in Miss Dottie’s hand to share and love with her little Peach!


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  1. lishyloo says

    oh my god these are the best!!

  2. Connie @ Daydream In Color says

    Too seriously cute!

  3. jenny says

    oh moy gowt.

    DYING! these are amazing, amazing! keeping a lookout next time we are at ze bookstore!!! that alice in wonderland cover is GORGEEEEEOUS!

  4. jungle dream pagoda says

    Gracious so faboo!!!! If only this review had come out 2 weeks ago…I could have grabbed the “Rand J” version for my Ruby’s closing!

    • Alix says

      Did Ruby just perform in Romeo and Juliet??? How fabulous! (Is she your youngest??)

      • jungle dream pagoda says

        Ruby is my 15 year old(she can count)! Check my blog out for pics of her from the balcony scene !!
        Monday she just opened in the regional premiere of Spring Awakening …she is the youngest cast member and proud mama and baby sis(8) are pooped from the taxi-cabbing!

  5. liz says

    i’m in love! english major here and these little books won my heart. thank you SO much for sharing.

  6. Amber Liddle says

    holy balls, I am dying over the pride and prejudice!! i need to get it asap!

  7. Jody says

    Oh my goodness. I SO want to see A Midsummer Night’s Dream version!

  8. Susan says

    Romeo and Juliet is my FAVORITE! That artwork is so retro fabulous. I need these! Are they out now?

  9. Alice says

    I will so be buying those for Lena. Can’t wait for the others.

  10. Jenna says

    what the what?!?!? these are ah mazing! lucca wolf will love chewing on some pride and prejudice.

  11. Julia Angel says

    Seriously??? Heart broken! Hopefully they will make equally incredibly version for the older kids. LOVE!!!

  12. marjorie says

    wait, how do they explain the ENDING of romeo and juliet to the wee?

    • Alix says

      “Zero. Zero happy endings….”

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