Academy Awards Fever

Hello friends! I’m down in Los Angles for work and was here for all the Oscar Mania—ironically I was on a photo shoot set and missed the entire show. Did you watch? What did you think?? Sadly the only nominee film I saw was The King’s Speech….which I loved. So I’m glad it did so well. I’ve heard great things about Black Swan and really want to see it. I went to school with Darren Aronovksy (he was actually in my dorm) so I’m proud he’s kickin’ ass. I can’t believe I missed all the red carpet action, even though it was literally a stone’s throw from me. What did you think??

One of my favorite old school Oscar pictures is this one. Walk Disney received a special award for Snow White. It was presented to him by Shirley Temple and it was an Oscar statuette with seven little mini oscars (to represent the seven dwarves). So cool and cute! I don’t think they’ve ever done anything like this since. I was a huge Shirley Temple fan and always think of this moment when I think of the Academy Awards.

I think Anne Hathaway is really gorgeous and I love James Franco, but those pre Oscar ads totally bugged me so I was really curious how they would pull it off. Did you watch?? What did you think? The outfits….any favorites?? Any debaucles?? Enquiring minds want to know!

Dresses that caught my eye (for better or for worse!):

LOVE Annie in red. Well hello Mr. Valentino….never mind that his orange tan clashes with her lipstick.

Loved Mila, she looked fabulous in lavendar (although the sheer bits on the side are kind of weird). I loved her in this. Cate is always edgy and gorgeous but this dress is very peculiar. I suspect it’s one of those that maybe looks cooler in person?? Right now she looks like an Art Deco Robot.

Jennifer Hudson is turning it out lately, people. She looks fab! I heard people were ragging on Florence from Florence and the Machine, but I think she looks kinda fetching.

Love Natalie. I think she looks so pretty. Not sure what Hilary was doing so crazy dolled up—it’s a little awkward when you aren’t nominated and you turn up in a big ol’ ball gown. (Or was she nominated??? I’m so out of it maybe she was…)

I didn’t like either of these at all. Gwynnie is usually pretty classy and chic but this seems a hot metallic nightie. This is actually an OK photo, but almost all the others I saw were “meh”. And Scarlett looks like she picked this up at Contempo Casuals. Not a fan of the lace. Or the “just rolled outta bed” hair. What happened girl?? I thought since she and her man broke up she would be all “KAPOW! How you like me now, buddy!” Sort of disappointed.

How fabulous! The creature from Aliens is now doing hair! Who knew?

I was bummed with Nicole’s outfit. She is usually a stunner. This is very fussy. Looks like she had the waiter at dinner last night fold her up like a napkin. I’m not sure who this sassy blonde is. She looks fabulous but I have to say I always find those simple Calvin Klein numbers tres boring. It’s the OSCARS! Gimme bangles! Sparkles! Shim shammies! Oh lalas! The top on this is kind of like a fancy tank top.

But back to Annie Hathaway. Rachel Zoe really turned her out, I think! The only dress that I didn’t like was that electric blue one:

I know I’m missing some good outfits—what were your faves??? Also what the heck was Oprah doing there? I saw a lot of “You get an Oscar! and YOU get an Oscar!” jokes on twitter. Was she presenting?

3 thoughts on “Academy Awards Fever

  1. the hubs and i watched the last hour or so, after Miss Haven & Baby Mae went to bed. we were happy to see The King’s Speech win, mainly because we just saw it last weekend and really loved it!

  2. Highlights:

    Gwyneth Paltrow dressed like C3PO, and then like a boiled potato.
    Hailee Steinfeld looked like a beautiful girl–I love when girls dress like girls!
    Jennifer Hudson was all POW! and BAM! in tangerine!
    Anne Hathaway looked beautiful, and James Franco, I think, forgot he was supposed to be hosting.
    Helen Mirren looked stunning and classy.
    I love Cate Blanchett, but her dress? Such potential, but then that weird frame thing on the bodice didn’t actually frame anything. Bizarre!

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