Alexandra and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day.

Friends, have you ever had one of “those days”? Where nothing seems to go right? I had one of those days yesterday. Lemme tell ya, EVERYTHING was off. From big things (our car battery died and had to be completely replaced, greg had an emergency at work and was really late due to battery dramatics) to little things (I knocked my head on the car trunk, trying to find jumper cables) to  frustrating things (I came home to find that Sam doggy had pulled our little composting/food scraps bin down from the counter….leaving a mess…AND knocked down my vintage Starburst butter dish, shattering it, and eating half a stick of butter. Blergh.). Then there were a myriad of little things, like I walked into our bedroom and some how bumped into my dresser and sent all kinds of stuff crashing to the floor, shattering a vintage 1920s rhinestone/celluloid bracelet. Spilling my ice coffee. The capper was in the evening, when the dad of one of Wolfie’s friends dropped him off at home, but then proceeding to bitch at me for something that didn’t involve me at all (he needed to chat with Greg about some Little League issue) and was completely rude. Having his awful negative energy thrown at me was the last straw. I felt like shouting, “OK Day! I give up! You win!! I’m waving a white flag over here!!”


Oh yeah, and the capper? Our internet went out last night as I was trying to post. Go figure. So rather than what I had planned, I thought I’d share some fun stuff that went down last week. Let’s end things on a positive note!


Dottie and I and our pals The Dames went to the Oakland Museum’s huge benefit jumble sale. SO much good loot was scored, and all for a good cause. I think it needs its own post….stay tuned!


Wolfie has been doing chores around the house to earn his allowance. He is so cute about it, helping with laundry and asking if he can sweep and water plants. He FINALLY saved up enough to get a special game for his 3DS and was literally dancing down the aisles of Target!


In other Wolfie new, he passed into the next level of his swimming class. Hurray! He was so proud of himself.


Despite the butta issue, Sam is still the cutest dog ever. We looooove him. Even when he tries to hog my side of the bed.


But we love them anyway.

SO there you have it. I’m sure this won’t be the last day that gives me a little unexpected bump in the road. I think they key is to let yourself be bummed/annoyed/sad….but then move on. Even when you realize in the chaos you didn’t get a chance to shower and your hair is so tangled it’s starting to dred.

13 thoughts on “Alexandra and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day.

  1. That O’Malley! Fighting the fight!

    And hurrah for Mr. Silverfish!

    Well, at least our drink was good (albeit that dirty dog was not…) Here’s to the bright side, lady!

  2. dammit!

    this makes me crazy, your bad day.

    but this post! this post is so chocked full of charm. appreciating your positive spin, toots.
    and i promise, i will have my eagle eye WORKING for one starburst butterdish and one celluloid bangle.

    did i ever tell you how much i wanted to completely choke my cat for breaking a precious plate of mine? a rare one that i’m certain i’ll never come across again. total aqua 1950s melmac serving platter (yes, she broke THICK PLASTIC) with a big tree and a flock of birds on it. GAAAAAAAH!

    here’s to better days. wait, here’s to AMAZING DAYS!!!!!!!!

  3. Alix, even though we haven’t yet met in person (hopefully Sunday), I, too, was out prowling around at my favorite vintage shop in S.F. (The Other Shop…do you know it?), trying to find you a new Starburst something-or-other to cheer you up, but no such luck. Nothing cheers me up, honestly, more than watching one of my kiddos enjoying themselves in a swim or dance or music class. I smile the whole time, a really great escape from everything!

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