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Alix’s Closet :: Kickin’ it Casual.

That was me a few days ago…it was sunny and lovely out! But this is me today:

Hmm, I look shorter. Did I shrink from all the water?? Seriously…we’ve had, like MEGA rain. It’s been a crazy day today. One moment torrential down pour! Then the sun comes out for a little bit. Then INSANE RAIN STORM, like BUCKETS of rain…..then a little more sun! Then, I swear to god the loudest clap of thunder I have EVER heard (it sounded like a bomb went off…I’m still not convinced it was thunder) and again more rain rain rain. I actually don’t mind the rain, but this was bananas rain. Our basement bathroom/laundry room even flooded a bit (not fun). So let’s pretend its a few days ago. When it was sunny! Here’s what I wore. Super casual.

What I Wore:

+ Black Cardigan, Gap, thrifted.

+ Green polka dot top, Target (from a few years ago)

+ Black straight leg jeans, Old Navy

+ Cherry Print Handbag, Luella Bartley for Target

+ Black and White Patent Sandals, Worishofers

+ White Daisy Chain necklace, vintage

+ Pink Pony pendant, Forever 21

I like this outfit because while its pretty casual and has a “Oh ,I just threw this on” vibe, I think it’s still colorful and playful. Also, everything was extremely affordable. My sandals were the priciest item. If you’re just throwing on jeans and a shirt, I think it helps to add a fun accessory—like a cool necklace or tote bag—to give it a little extra oomph.

These pictures crack me up a little because I’m totally not smiling and I look so serious….like “What up people! I am so smooth and I’m wearing polka dots, how you like me now?!” Well, just so you don’t think I’m a snooty polka dot wearer, let’s go back to me and my frazzled hair in the rain.

Ahh, there we go. That’s more like it.

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9 Responses

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  1. amy turn sharp says

    you are so adorable.

  2. jenny says

    i love you miss alix.

  3. Jill Browning says

    That raincoat is awesome!!

  4. Shannon says

    Your glasses, I need them. Any info would be so helpful. Thank you. Shannom

  5. Andrea says

    Alix! Where for the love of Pete did you get that raincoat?! I need one in a bad way and I love yours! Also, congrats on your new addition: Samson. He’s adorbs! Wolfie must be thrilled.

  6. Dottie says

    Alix, you are so darn cute–and beautiful!

  7. marjorie says

    hee, i wore those same worishofers to shul yesterday. walk 20 blocks each way, stand for hours…they are UP TO THE TASK, and look adorns all the time.

    that daisy-chain necklace slays me.

    that is all.

  8. Sara Sophia says

    I love you 😀

    But for serious? Your non-smiling snooty polka dot pics are hella gorgeous.


  9. Sundara says

    I just discovered ya’lls blog from “sometimes sweet” and i’m so glad you did. There are so many cool fashion blogs out there..most of them with tiny skinny mini’s-its good to see a real woman wearing cool clothes that i can relate to. You are gorgeous and i love your style!!! can’t wait to see what else you bring!

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